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Love is a Dog from Hell or another book (signed) (1 Viewer)

Hello--I'm new to the forum! I've been looking for a signed copy of one of Bukowski's poetry collections or books (preferably one of the initial 200-500ish signed copies, since I'd rather not spend time wondering about authenticity). I'm trying to find something that can serve as a memento of Bukowski, so I'm somewhat flexible about which poetry collection or book. Initially, I was looking at the Post Office (the first Bukowski book I read), but it seems hard to find at a reasonable price and I've now instead been looking at Love is a Dog from Hell (which features my favorite Bukowski poem: Alone with Everybody). It seems folks are charging between $1,500-$2,000 for it, but since those are not selling, I assume the price is high and wonder what a reasonable market price would be? $1,000? More? Less? Perhaps a better question is, how often are these books auctioned on eBay? Could I expect to find a copy if I wait a bit? I'd be very grateful for any information.
I haven't been tracking prices for several years, but frankly, anything over ~$600 for a signed, first edition of that title in near fine or fine condition (whether called-for signed or not called for; obviously without art) is unreasonably high. Keep in mind that this title had at least 3-4 variants in the spine cloth: purple corduroy, black tweed, teal tweed, and red tweed, I believe. The purple corduroy is the called-for signed, but some of those might have the other cloth variants.

I don't pay attention to ebay anymore, so I can't help you there. 10 years ago, these came up regularly. Now everyone thinks they have a king's ransom but won't take less than 3x a king's ransom.
Take a look at this thread: https://bukowskiforum.com/threads/love-is-a-dog.1425/. $450-$500 was the going rate from a bookseller (not simply ebay, which should be a bit less) back in 2007. So my upper estimate of $600 sounds about right. Maybe it's a bit higher if the market/demand has continued to go up, but I'm just not sure that it has; so maybe $500 is the going rate these days. But just about everyone who has something like this assumes that their copy should sell for more. The market kind of exploded in the first ~10-15 years or so of the 21st century and I get the sense that it has calmed down somewhat. PBA Galleries has a Buk auction nearly every year or so and many of the selling prices are typically below estimates, so keep an eye on them. You need to pay a buyer's premium, so keep that in mind.

Don't be afraid to post links or photos here if you want some help with the signatures, etc. There are several folks here who can help you out.
Thanks to you both, Purple Stickpin and zobraks. I'll be waiting for a reasonable price--and one should be coming eventually, given how many signed copies there must be out there.

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