Ludwig Hirsch +Nov,23 2011 R.I.P. (1 Viewer)

Maybe not even many of the German speaking cats here knew him, but I'll announce this anyway:
I've just learned, that yesterday the Austrian 'Liedermacher' LUDWIG HIRSCH has died.

He was a depressive guy, kinda like the music-equivalent of Georg Trakl (the Austrian poet). I've listened to some of his songs during dark nights many-a-times, esp. in the late 90's.

Amongst his most moving songs are 'Komm großer schwarzer Vogel' ('Come, big black bird'), in which the inhabitant of an asylum prays for the big black bird to come and take him (=his life) away and '1928' about how Disney and Mickey Mouse killed decency in the sense, that if aliens would land here after an overkill and find only a movie from Disney left, they'd think, what a funny and glad race we've been. Then there's 'Die gottverdammte Pleite' ('The goddamn bankrupt') about our children starting to turn against us and declare war because of what we've done to their world.

The songs aren't easy to consume, esp if you don't understand the words. But if you're interested, you may find a way to play all those 3 mentioned songs from here (Tracks 6-8).
p.s. - this ain't a joke:
These pics have been shot in 1999, while I was listening to Ludwig Hirsch drunk and depressive:


I've just found out, that you can play all the songs from the above link ( if you just push the 'Reload'-button after hearing one song. Then you can choose another one.
He was a dark, silent genius in the Austrian music scene. There was no other quite like him.

And now he jumped out of the window after being diagnosed with lung cancer. God damn, that's a tough one.
Is it the Austrian landscape or the ghost of Waldheim...

Probably both. And alcohol.

Speaking of which, Schwab was cool too. Great titles. Did you read him in English translation?

Jesus, that must have been some weird language ;)
Roni - Johannes: don't know if you get Spotify in your neck of the woods but plenty of his albums can be heard there:

Ludwig Hirsch

An Austrian Cohen-variant perhaps?
Gonna have a listen...
I just learned an interesting fact (I'm full of useless facts). Suicide by jumping to your death only accounts for 2% of deaths in the US, but 52% of suicides in Hong Kong...

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