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Hello all, way back in 2001 I purchased a couple of Bukowski manuscripts from Abandoned Planet Bookstore. Well I was just looking through the manuscripts here and I noticed that one of them "Joy Ride" was there but the other "Somebody Else" was not so I figured I'd scan it and upload it so that it could be added. Enjoy!

On another note, "Joy Ride" was orginally signed with some sort of purple marker but sadly through out the years it's begun to fade into a brownish color. Should I take this one off my wall and store it somewhere that the sunlight will not shine on it?


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They make UV filtering glass for framing artwork. Also non-acidic matts. You can get these at a better art supply, framing or crafts store. Not real expensive and worth the money as it will protect the art and you can still hang it on your wall and enjoy.
Thanks for posting that, Stagger. Most definitely get some UV-protective glass. I know of a few signatures that have actually disappeared over prolonged exposure to sunlight. On a completely esoteric note, I notice that in your poem, Buk used the "I" key for his house number. In November 1990 he was using his IBM Selectric which has a "1" key. Must have been a hard habit to break from his Royal/Olympia days....
I figured I'd scan it and upload it so that it could be added.
Thanks. I do have that one, it's in a batch of about 500 manuscripts that need to be processed and added to the database. It's one of those things that seems like it should be easy, but it's an involved and time consuming process. So I keep putting it off.

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