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I know that it's a published book but someone knows something more about this one? Me and your sometimes love poems...
Is there a re-publication?...
Linda King is a great personage but I don't know if she's a great poet...
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There are three editions. The last one as recently as 1999. The first edition (1972, I believe) is very expensive and hard to find.

I have a third edition signed by Linda King. It was only $30-$35. It's a quickly-produced set of stapled Xeroxes on folded colored paper. I believe that only the second and third editions have the reproduced Buk drawings. As for the poems, they pretty much alternate between Buk and Linda King. As for the writing...well, there are several dozen other books you might want to read first. My opinion, of course.
abandoned planet just sold the first edition to ole stnickl for $300 within the last week. i wanted that bad boy sooo bad but couldn't afford to bid. i suppose it's a good thing since he prolly put in a max bid of $700, give or take a few hundred...
aban plan also sold the other two editions as well. they sold in a lot for maybe $40 or so. i would link the auctions here but i already deleted them...
Here's the info on the title page of the 3rd edition:

Original drawings made for the book by Bukowski were never used until now. The first books of 50 copies were sold for $1.00

First Edition 1971
Second Edition 1994 500 copies
100 copies signed by Linda King

Purring Press, Phoenix, AZ.

A handwritten note is added below this identifying the Third Edition 1999 100 copies.

At the top, also in handwriting: PUBLISHED BY THE KISSKILL PRESS, 5124 DELONGPRE AVE., L.A. CALIF. 90027
What's not clear is when the illustrations were first used.

aban plan also sold the other two editions as well. they sold in a lot for maybe $40 or so.

Yes, my copy has a note from Scott to Jason who sold me my copy. Scott may still have some of the Third Ed., but he's not into digging through his boxes; he just pulls one or two down and puts whatever is in there on ebay.
I coulda/shoulda bought the first edition for $1.00, at the publication party for it. Oh well. Didn't have $1.00 that night. I did buy the 2nd or 3rd edition (I haven't looked at it in a while), from Linda King, and she wrote a long, interesting inscription in it and signed. That almost makes up for my having passed on the first edition.

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