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i remember someone telling me about that scientology movie awhile back, and that john travolta was going to star... i thought it was just a stupid rumour, but it's for real??
The Scientologists,
getting clear, right?
remember some of them
smiling oddly through the good, the bad and the ugly
no difference...
...and this thread is the Michael Philips thread...and we are on Scientology? They could be offended and come after us.
They have a huge compound near here. With castles and gated condos and lots of security. Tom Cruise and John Travolta fly in to visit- rumors. They havn't had a church social or bake sale or anything.
In about 4 weeks it is the birthday of our boss!
Unfortunately then it's my birthday too.

Who's gonna pay for the goddamn drinks.
Does PayPal work in this situation? in about 4 weeks it will be my Dad's 80th B-day.
Our Boss. Ha Ha. He does have his finger on all of our buttons. I better watch my step or I'll get one of those "go fuck myself someplace else" p.m.s like the first time.
In advance-because a good kiss ass is always prepared- Happy Birthday and I hope all goes well on this very special occasion. Thank you Ponder. Happy Birthday to the supreme being of Bukowski.net.
Ah, 80, very nice.
Buk wanted to become 80 he said, so he could fuck a 18 year old girl.
Your dad might have some other goals?
well, I heard mjp goes to his gallery and movie opening in his pyjamas!

or is that julian schnabel...I dunno...
whatever, same diff.
Me? No, no. I go in a suit and tie and slap around the likes of posers such as Julian Schnabel. Please! Julian Schnabel can't carry my jock.
90% of my dreams have the same plot, except the police ARE the aliens.

mjp: tell your uncle that the screwdriver would be okay if they made the head on the screws a bit deeper. As is, the damn screws are trashed by the driver. The fault is in the screws, not in the phillips.

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