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And here's to the wonderful body of our hero:

That? A wonderful body? :D

Here's a more classy (classier?) one:

I may have a little bit more -- remember my 3 days I am going to spend homeless? But you are right, after that, well that will be all I have.
This forum has become a kindergarten, AGAIN.
Merci beaucoup or whatever.

Try to learn, Ambreen. Or shut....don't reply, d'accord?
Listen Jan,
I have neither orders nor lessons to receive from someone like you. D'accord ?

Orson and I both thank you, Gerard. I promise you to be nice and not to give you the clap anymore.
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It's time to laugh and enjoy the jokes. It's nice to be nice and have a nice laugh. Look for the good and avoid and ignore the unpleasant.

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