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Ah, pamplemousse! The only thing I could ever order in Europe that didn't come with some sort of meat in it!

I once tried to order french fries in Suisse and ended up with a plate of cold cuts. Listen, I tried to use all those varied native tongues. But obviously, language isn't my thing.

As for blogs/internet being the heirs of, or replacement for radio and magazines, as the kids would say, "no shit."
I thought the mp3 single as the lost leader was the most interesting item in the piece.
It appears that even established artists are beginning to embrace that concept.
Bob Dylan Mississippi
AC/DC Rock and Roll Train
Perhaps more interesting is what is not said-where will this go.
If the single as lost leader is considered successful marketing then what follows and how do indie bands compete-Perhaps tickets to concerts will be jump drives with artist media attached.
I haven't found it yet but I'm interested in finding a site that mimics the Amazon approach-that has filtered the shit and says-hey if you like this type of music you may like these new guys too but I want this site to find me (send me emails with mp3's) rather than me find them. I don;t mean as spam but as a useful promotion attached to a blog or even established zine. There is so much music out there it would be useful if a site using my parameters-what I consider good-could send it my way.

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