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Chronic, it really is a gorgeous website, I've just spent way too long ogling it, when I should be doing other stuff.
It's beautiful and strangely soothing.
Got little to no work done today, thanks. Didn't know some of these things existed, like the limited Art. And a lot of the things I did know exist, I've never seen a photo of.

Much respect and thanks.
that site is LEGEND and it's one wonder so have it back.
The most valuable source on the subject and the best thing that could happen is it being melted with buknet. Talk about gathering forces.

I only wish, chronic would be able to hang around here a little more often. He's a swell guy.
Just when I had given up all hope to ever see this treasure. Incredible! Thanks!

I noticed some (secondary) dead links. Is it appropriate to point them out and also discuss some content or is it meant to remain as a (brilliant) remembrance?
It lives a little better now as I've moved all of the image files to the CDN that I said I'd never talk about again. But most of them are very large files, so the difference in performance is pretty significant.

There are almost 700 html files in that site, and I think I updated all of the image references on all of the pages, but if you come across any broken images let me know and I'll fix them.
Broken links (I didn't check them all, so these are just what I've found):

between the earthquake the volcano and the leopard (1994) Numbered Edition
Those Marvelous Lunches (1993)
Signed, Lettered Edition
The Laughing Heart (1996) Numbered Edition
The Singer (1999) Numbered Edition

A couple of other points: I seem to remember a really ornate cover on a title I can't remember. Ever since you brought the site back online I believe it's been missing. Was there a hardcover version of Sparrow 5, While the Music Played? That may be what I'm thinking of. It had a cover very reminiscent of fancy book end pages from the 1890s.

Also, the site has the hardcover of We'll Take Them as being from '76, but that was Sparrow 72 and the paper copy I have is dated September 1978. So, shouldn't it be after Maybe Tomorrow or did the HC of We'll Take Them come out much earlier than the paper copy?
Thanks. It looks like the path to the images was wrong on all the NYGs, but they should be fixed now.

This is the only image for Sparrow 5.
the site has the hardcover of We'll Take Them as being from '76, but that was Sparrow 72 and the paper copy I have is dated September 1978. So, shouldn't it be after Maybe Tomorrow?
Okay, I fixed that.

Otherwise I haven't changed the content of any of the pages. It's not my intention to maintain it or add to it. As long as everything works, it will stay the way it is. If it was my project I'd rebuild it from scratch, but then it would be a different site, so I'd rather leave it as everyone remembers it.
You've already taken on enough tasks that my brain hurts just thinking about it. Maybe I'm imagining that other book or I'm somehow missing it - I'll have a look in the chapbooks section.

Edited to add: I just checked We'll Take Them and it's still listed as being from 1976 and is above Maybe Tomorrow on the list. (Sorry; not trying to be a pain in the ass.)
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When I click the link in your most recent post (This page is fixed), the page contains:

We'll Take Them (1976)
Hardcover Edition

and the chronological listing is:

We'll Take Them (1976)
Hardcover Edition
Kaputt in Hollywood (1976)
First Edition
Schlechte Verlierer (1977)
First Edition
Flinke Killer (1977)
First Edition
Art (1976, 1977)
Hand-Drawn Edition
Signed, Numbered Edition
Love is a Dog from Hell (1977)
Advance Review Copy
First Trade Edition
Signed, Numbered Edition
Signed, Numbered, Illustrated Edition
Maybe Tomorrow (1977)
Hardcover Edition

Clicking the link to the We'll Take Them Hardcover Edition also indicates 1976:

We'll Take Them Signed & Numbered Edition of 20 copies with an Original Drawing bound-in.
Black Sparrow Press, 1976
Special hardbound edition of Sparrow 72
Google is all about mobile now (I mentioned the mobile icons in search results in a different thread), so they've added a mobile usability report to webmaster tools, and the collecting site is the source of a lot of errors now. Well, the source of all the errors on the main site.


So I have to do something with that. Not sure what yet, but it will have to change so the cool kids can view it on their beanie-copter screens.

Bottom line is that iconic look that everyone is used to is probably going away. Blame progress.

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