New member and surprised... (1 Viewer) find such a site, not to mention one that is as active, existing.
I don't usually go for the whole message board/forum mess for whatever reasons, but I am compelled to join this one.

How's shit with everybody?
Not horrible I hope.
Hey Andy.

Welcome. This forum is THE place to be, Bukowski-wise.
Check out the old topics too.
You'll be amazed.
a little bit of the B in me

so here is a new member...cant remember when i had such a sense of communion with a world wide crowd of enthusiasts for Bukowski,will be checking out this site for emerging buzz on this great write. isak.
andyurbats said:
Thanks for the friendly welcoming. I was a bit scared for some reason, but I rest assured now.

I was surprised myself to find this community so welcoming. This is, after all, the internet.
This isn't the internet --- it's Bukowski net!


indeed, theres a huge difference. this is your number one buk stop on the net. other sites might as well throw in the towell, this place will never be replaced. not even will be able to hold a flame to this place.

mjp, you've really created something beautiful and amazing here. we are forever in debt to you. thanks much.
Before I signed up last november I still didn't realize there are so many threads! Since I discovered more of the forum I became addicted and no any regrets. This forum is a real treasure. Thx everybody.

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