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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
The last weeks the new buknet members are very creative.

They are using a lot of x's, y's and q's in their names.

Today 3 people signed up. Names:




Do we have a few John's aboard?

Just checked, the John's are not posting.
I post at a boxing site and we get these bastard spambots regularly. I'm no pc expert but I think they collect people's email addresses then spam them with junk
They can't get your email address, at least not from this forum. They just want to post links to their porn, bootleg toner, bootleg viagra and cialis, bootleg whatever-comes-next sites.

They are irritating and persistent like mosquitos, but also like mosquitos, they are not too smart, so it's easy to keep their posts out of here for the most part.
I guess that I could be, or have been considered a "John" at one time or another...back when the trade still worked the pavement, and may still...

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