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Wow, I had no idea the guy who directed "Control" which I loved, directed this new George Clooney movie. I'm strange and have all these odd things I stick by. One of them is, that you could not pay me to ever watch a George Clooney movie, I just can't stand the dude. So far, I have never, ever seen a Clooney movie. This one looks good, but I'll be keeping my strange habits and will not see this move. But, it makes me want to watch Control again!


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Well...Corbijn is a Dutch fotographer so it's hard for me NOT to know who he is...
Control was his debut as a film director. He is wellknown for his photo sessions,
video clips and documentaries.

Documentary on Captain Beefheart by Anton Corbijn:

His photos and clips which I knew before made me watch Control. I liked it A LOT. Opposed to nervas I really dig Clooney, he has that cool untouchable aura in his roles. Kind of unreal being so smart and keeping his countenance all the time.


more crickets than friends
That is one sweet photo! I wouldn't mind having that hanging in my house! Cool stuff Ponder. For one second I thought it may have been taken during Coffee and Cigarettes because the background looked similar. But looking at this pic, Tom looks younger and it's a different table, etc.



"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
So far, I have never, ever seen a Clooney movie.
Me neither.

I've watched "The American" at home and it's a tight movie.
This movie is an abstract painting how an abstract painting needs to look.
Highly recommended.
Clooney was perfect in 'Ocean's 11'!

Corbijn has been working with U2 since the 80s and made some pretty famous photos of them.

Of course all this is mainstream.
I loved that film, i think it was one the best, if not the best, Clooney perfomance. Very subtle and understated, just like the film. Beautiful ending too, quite poetic. I think Corbjin, seems to have a very interesting way on making movies, very image oriented, which makes sense since is a photographer. "Control", is one the best bio pics ever.


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just saw this. very nice film. Clooney gives a very Steve McQueen performance; doesn't talk much, doesn't smile much, and uses the "long stare" to give his character depth. good job.

but I'm pro-Clooney in general. he's one of the few Hollywood "A-listers" I have respect for.


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While he's not as endlessly fascinating as William Burroughs, or as masculine as Nicole Kidman, Clooney is okay by me. He was in that hillbilly music movie, and that was good. He's been in a lot of good movies, really. Maybe not enough of them were in black and white, or comprised of all Farsi and Tagalog dialogue or something to satisfy a certain audience, I don't know. Some people are hard to please.

Not me, I'm very easy-going.
The American was great if you really really really like gunsmithing. I yelled at the TV during the cafe talk, "OKAY WE GET IT, HE KNOWS ABOUT GUNS."
I watched the documentary on Corbijn, which was weird as he seemed to be trying to hide from the camera throughout. He has an eye for a good shot, which makes his photos and films visual candy. I found the documentary a bit dull though and fell asleep.

I think the dog enjoyed it though as he was still wide awake when I woke up on the couch at around 4am.


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I haven't heard about a doc. on Corbijn. Can imagine it's boring. He is not a talker and very introvert.
But he seems to be honest and real. That's something.
He did come across as very honest, it just wasn't that interesting.

Essentially, before I fell asleep, I had found out he got into photography because he loved music. Maybe it got better after I fell asleep. I guess you'll have to ask the dog :)

p.s. Bono was in it. I feel anyone of a sensitive nature should be pre-warned of that.

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