New quarterly poetry magazine: MILK #1 - Call for submissions

Discussion in 'Support the small press' started by marina del rey, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. I expect something to take a few days to travel the great distances we're talking about here. I mean, West side to East side - it's gotta be rough.
  2. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    Mine came a few days ago and this little armpit of California is generally the last stop for the Post Office. It was in perfect condition even the envelope. Of course
    I recently quizzed our new mail carrier about a package that was lost last month. He had that the lights are on and nobody's home look in his eyes. Thank you
    for the great book a work of art in it's own way.
  3. mjp - Here's hoping that the Post Office didn't grab your copies in order to experiment with ways to defeat that sophisticated cardboard technology. They probably hate packaging that actually protects the contents.
  4. Got my copy in today. Congrats to all. Production is tops. Beautiful job chronic & mdr.
  5. nothing in Delaware yet, but I see that they are making their way across the US. Hopefully tomorrow, but if not, then certainly by Monday!
  6. If Delaware gets them before me, I'm filing a formal complaint with Obama.
  7. I'm hoping if I get MILK before mjp he gives a John Goodman Treme type rant:

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  8. 1fsh2fsh

    1fsh2fsh I think that I think too much First 9 SAMCRO Unholy Ones

    I recieved mine a couple of days ago. I haven't had the time to crack this thing open yet,but hopefully will this weekend. The cover is great! and ya, the cardboard backing also saved my copies as they too were crammed into my small mail slot.
  9. hank solo

    hank solo Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights Vice President First 9 Reaper Crew ROAD CAPTAIN Unholy Ones

    Milk #1 - Now in hand in 'Merry old' England.

    Arrived safe and sound here too. Looks very smart. Will crack the cellophane a little later.
  10. This has the potential to become quite comical. Please, please, please report in next Bill and hooch.
  11. My theme song!
  12. I'm gonna get myself a super-soaker water gun and go on a milk-shooting spree.

    It is only about 90 degrees today (it was over 100 this weekend with the heat index over 110, so the smell of spoiled milk will be nauseating.

    My mail man gets here at about 4:30 on Mondays, so if I don't see him with a hefty parcel, he'll be the first casualty...

  13. don't got milk.JPG

    plus, that's sexist.

    so, I didn't get MILK today and I made a sexist post. great.
  14. Have you guys done something to piss off your local POs? Maybe they hate you.
  15. my mailman lives two doors down, so we're cool....
  16. Milk has just landed in my mailbox.

    This is where mjp goes on a rampage...

  17. Well the mail hasn't arrived at my place yet (I'm at work anyway), but I'm beginning to think that this is the only way I'll ever get any Milk...

    man-sucking-udder-200.jpg drinking+milk.jpg

    While the rest of the world just wastes it as if it is nothing...

  18. Got Milk today. Good stuff, indeed.

    there I go again. maybe I need sensitivity training, or something.

    I blame it on the trauma of not having MILK yet.

    and the war, of course.
  20. I blame Obama and the vast left wing media conspiracy. And Area 51, the Freemasons, the Trilateral commission, the Bilderberg Group, Haliburton, BP, WalMart and Unilever.
  21. Maybe you need to crop this photo just a little bit lower.

    Are you sure that the Royal Canadian Mounted Postal Service isn't on one of their long, socialist vacations?
  22. DirtyJersey13

    DirtyJersey13 The Cruelty of Loveless Love Prospect

    Without a doubt it's BP's fault, end of story.
  23. Agreed! Between mjp posting Hindu porn pics and hooch's lame tease pic I'm all for hooch getting his copy first.
  24. lame!?! it took a lot to convince my wife to pose for those pictures!

    you know, her being a feminist and all.
  25. I suppose you've plenty of time to convince her of most anything seeing you got nothin' to read. :D If you don't have Milk by Friday we want full frontal.
  26. Hey, we wrote the fucker. Reading is for squares.
  27. Got my copy today in Portland. Can't wait to take a big ol' gulp!
  28. Ward and Beaver.jpg

    Beaver: Dad, how do I get the taste of sour grapes out of my mouth? Ward: With cool and refreshing Milk, son, cool and refreshing Milk. Now, son, we need to talk about this poem you wrote about anal beads...
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