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I recently had to reformat my computer (there were over 3,000 virus inhabiting my poor PC), and thus needed a new background. I decided I was going to see if I could find a good Bukowski (does anyone think that it funny that Bukowski isn't recognized by the spell checker on a Bukowski board?) picture.

I'm a writer/poet/musician, published only twice however, and neither really worth being published. I was attending the University of Kentucky but have been forced to take up a full time job as a gas station clerk to save up money and get back into school.

The first Buko book I read was Hot Water Music. I was taking a greyhound from Kentucky to my then girlfriends town in Pennsylvania. I can remember finishing HWM at nearly the exact time my senior prom was starting. That was a few years ago.

I prefer Buko's poetry to his other writings. That said, Ham on Rye is probably my second favorite book (behind Siddhartha).

I don't really know what I expect here, not really sure how much time I'll be here (if I'm not working I'm usually at one of my band's practices), and I can't say I'll be able to contribute much other than another member with hopefully interesting things to say.

So, hello to you all.

Also, I picked the picture of Buko laughing and holding his cat to stretch as my background.
Apparently not... If you were the person that I know as JSH, you would have recognized it. Sorry about that. I know a writer/poet/musician in your area. I thought that you were him....


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