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This looks kind of cool, especially if you travel a lot.


So, who wants to buy one for me?


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The kids have mixed feelings about it because it does'nt even have video phone calls which should've been standard equipment.
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I was excited about the announcement of this. However after watching the keynote, and reading a couple of articles.... What really is the difference between this and an iPhone, or iPod Touch? Plus for $499.00 you only get 16gb?


It is what it is
The difference is real estate.

You simply cannot execute the functions on an iPhone screen that you can on this.

Besides, this is a computer rather than a phone.


It is what it is
I'm not sure what you mean by locked up.

You mean like Macs generally?

From a New York Times article;

"The cellular signal will be provided by AT&T for $15 a month (250 megabytes of data transferred -- think e-mail only) or $30 a month, unlimited. Amazingly, those AT&T deals involve no contract. You can cancel whenever you like. And since this thing isn't a phone, you don't have to worry about dropped calls; you're paying exclusively for Internet service."


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Looks interesting, but doubt I will read books on a screen like this.
Newspapers & magazines, maybe, but not books.
Have to see it first to be sure though.
Newspapers, magazines, internet & e-mail is enough for me though.
And I think that people who don't already have an iPhone might go for this.

Looks interesting for use in schools though. The non-multitasking aspect would actually be a plus there! No surfing on Facebook in the background on IpAD... ;-)

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