New Zealand, we read Bukowski here too! (1 Viewer)

Hi from Auckland

I've reading Bukowski since I was underage and shouldn't have!
Now I'm turning 24 next week and just got "The most Beautiful woman in town & other stories" as an advance present :):), it made me so happy!
I started reading Bukowski in spanish as I'm from Latin American but now that I live in NZ I got a few books in English, I must say I prefer reading them in the original language.
I have read most of his book on the net, but I can't wait to have my collection full of the real books, sadly I have to get them from the USA because no bookstore sells bukowski in NZ :mad::eek:
It'll be interesting to know if there are anymore people from NZ that read Hank's creations!
Thanks for this forum!

Welcome to the forum, Honeydew!
I believe there's at least one person from NZ here, besides you...
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hi! i'm pretty sure there are a few bookstores in NZ that sell bukowski... or do you mean spanish translations of him?
If you can give me any tips about bookstores selling Bukowski books would be great!
The only ones I know of, import them and it cost me more than to buy them from the States myself without the 2 months waiting!!

Thanks everyone for the welcome wagon!!
well, in that case: have you visited you can pick up bukowski paperbacks super cheap, and if you shop around you can also get super cheap shipping.

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