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Redskins at Seattle @ 4:30, Saturday
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh @ 8, Saturday
Giants at Tampa Bay @ 1, Sunday
Tennessee at San Diego @ 4:30, Sunday

Vegas odds:
Seahawks -4 1/2
Steelers -1
Tampa Bay -3
Chargers -8 1/2

I picked Seattle, Jacksonville, Giants and Chargers to win.
I would only disagree with the Seattle pick. Washington is riding a wave of emotion.
A better bet would be if Joe Gibbs is awake or asleep.
He's right. Washington is on a roll, but Mike Holmgren has been to the big game before.
I hate to say, I hope the Redskins win.
Tampa should win. That will be the brawl.

This is a thread for Fox Sports.....Go Patriots!!
The more I think about it ... The Bay of the City of Tampa will put up a fight no doubt but The G-men are 7-1 on the road this season. Kevin Boss is playing great at TE for the injured Shockster. I don't know, it is hard to bet on an offense run by Manning the Younger. Gerard is right about Holgmgren but the Seattle running game ... oh wait what running game. I still say the 'Skins will win a tight one. 3 of the 4 1/2 points are for homefield which in Seattle should probably count for more. Should be a good weekend of football snow and booze. Any takers on the Seattle/Wash game? Enjoy!
Seattle over Washington. The 'Skins didn't beat any great passing teams on that win streak. Holmgren has been there before and certainly more recently.

Giants over Bucs. Defense wins and that line is dominant. Plus, I am picking the Giants to be the NFC team that loses the Super Bowl.

Chargers over Titans - Titans are the Worst football team to make the plyoffs in a long time. Fisher did a heck of a coaching job to get them there. But talent wins in the playoffs.

Steelers over Jags - This is a pick 'em. But in a battle of conservative QB's, I like Roth....burger better. And home field.
The Steelers didn't get the normal 3 points because they already lost to the Jags ... albeit it was tied with 2 minutes to go. I don't think homefield means much when you cannot even walk on it without sinking to yer knees. Pitt's D has looked bad the last three weeks. They will have to step it up to stop MJD and Freddy Taylor.

I agree with the observation on the Titans. Their defense won most of the games. They should not be in the playoffs except for my hapless Browns, who squandered their chance and squashed my dreams. Selah.
Well, so much for those Redskins predictions. For a minute, I thought Rex Grossman had sneaked into the game in the 4th Quarter ! And that's a bad thing......

Yay Jacksonville for a long overdue playoff victory, though I didn't see the particulars.

Overall, I am on the Brett Favre bandwagon - just because at the age of 38, he has more beer-vendors his age at Lambeau Field than teammates. When it comes to getting old nowadays, you know what they say....

Super Bowl XLII is the new Super Bowl XXXI.

Go get 'em No. 4

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