Oh My God! An unexpected Bukowski related incident! (1 Viewer)

I am so fucking psyched! I just went up-stairs to bum some smokes off of my Mum, and me and my Aunt started talking about how shitty Saturday night TV is, and then she says, "well, that movie Factotum is about Bukowski..." and I interupted, "Is it on now!" Ran downstairs to my DVR,but my bedroom TV wouldn't come on cause' it's been on the fritz for weeks(no kidding). Ran down another flight of steps to my son's bedroom, struggled to get the TV on, woke his ass up, he started bitching. I told him to stick it, found the movie, set it to record- having missed the first 1/2 hour. BUT
it is on again tomorow night, at which time I will get to see the entire thing- for the first time!!! CRB:)
So, I was wrong about the day, it's not on again until Thursday. I couldn't wait, so I watched what I had recorded this morning.:) I'll save any and all further critical judgement until I see the entire movie.CRB:)

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