Ok. I'm scared.

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  1. Opera Meets Skid Row featuring Bukowski poetry


    I wrote to Valerian and asked him about the rights he purchased.

    For those wishing to do similar (I have a gun, now. be advised) ...(granted it's
    a potato gun, but I'm pretty accurate) according to Valerian the rights to
    perform the poems cost a meager 75 american dollars for each poem. I
    put the meager in the sentence, not Krinski. This permission he obtained from
    the publisher. That's according to Valerian.

    There have been not just one thread about this question, i.e. how do I go
    about getting the rights to ass rape bukowski and use his works for blah, blah
    blah... I won't suggest a F.A.Q. 'cause then I'd feel obligated in some way,
    but there it is, steraight from the grand Old Aw-per-ah's mouth.

    What gets me is how much the old man (Bukowski) loved classical music.
    Let your imaginations go from there.

    And that's about all I got in this department.
  2. That $75 per poem had to be based on the perceived commercial potential of the recording. I can't imagine the price would be the same for some cookie cutter million seller out there.

    I asked VALERIAN how many copies of the recording he has sold, he didn't respond. Maybe it was the way I asked; "Not counting orders from your family and known masochists, how many of the Bukowski song CDs have you sold?"

    Now that I look at it, that's probably why he didn't answer my other questions too...
  3. What??? You AREN'T that guy???
    I feel screwd now! All these awesome, hillarious Michael-Phillips-books, on my shelf I bought in hope to meet you personally one day and make you sign them! You weren't the author? So Who are you?
  4. Oh, I'll still sign them...
  5. Thank GOD and all the angels in heaven!
    May HE bless thou!
  6. Please do not shoot me
    I was thinking that the fact that an opera singer would choose Bukowski's texts is not such a bad thing. I am not an opera fan but I happen to know a few very cool people who appreciate that form of art

    I find it more funny than horrendous.
    I think that these musicians are demonstrating a certain courage and a clear appreciation of Buk, no?
    Does their work deserve to get entirely blasted?

  7. You mean the potato gun?

    Someone said it in the thread about the Disney Cars. Where there used to be
    so little about Bukowski except for Bukowski himself now: toy cars. :eek:

    Then again, while Opera was invented to give the rich something to feel, what
    would they think about hearing a song about Bukowski cutting off his balls and
    flushing them like a couple of apricots?

    There is appreciation, and then...
    It's a fine line, isn't it?
  8. Let's say that opera was invented for the rich to feel something does not mean that it can't change.
    Think of Buk in his greasy room with his toes coming out of his socks listening to Mahler with a fifth of Grand Dad.
    I knew someone who sat in the Chinatowns wherever they were, drunk out of his mind listening to Maria Callas, for years that is
  9. I already did. A few posts before you.

    Now think of saturation.
    Bukowski beer, for instance.

    We could argue the merits of beer, or Bukowski.

    Or we can argue that it is a tribute to the man, the life stlye and the ...
    you know?

    I like having Bukowski's work where I can find it. In his Books and in his poetry
    with nothing added, nothing taken away and nothing extra.

    He never even removed his warts.
    He was 100% Bukowski till the day he died.

    I miss him, and Opera isn't going to bring him back.
    I can turn to him when I like, in his books, and poetry.

    Yes. There are ways to bring him to those whom fate otherwise may not have
    touched by him. But isn't it like those little souvenirs they sell of the Eiffel
    Tower, and Mickey Mouse?

    Bukowski Dolls, with a little stuffing coming out of the ears, and holes in the
    socks. A tribute, or?

    I believe that those guys may have good intentions. They may also have
    selfish intentions. It's not for me to say.

    I may say in all honesty that it is not my cupp'a tea.

    Dignified poetry.
    The first one is called Jam (B U R P )


  10. Was just agreeing with you.

    And I too love him as he is

    It is just that it fascinates me to see the different types of people that his poetry has reached even if so remote from my standpoint

    On Bukowski beer hummm! I'd have to have one...
    Bukowski dolls , gross (*X*)
  11. Well, when the Bukowski cigar ash trays, and the Bukowski beer hit the
    market, we can take comfort in knowing that we knew him when...

  12. Whether they appreciate Bukowski or not isn't the issue as far as I'm concerned. I have a problem with people taking art or music or writing that is not theirs and putting their ugly stamp all over it. For $75 you can buy the right to fuck up a work of art? That is bullshit.

    Bluebird and whatever other poems Valerian and his crew raped were perfect as they were. Setting them to music - such as it is - does not improve them. It degrades them. Unquestionably.

    Also note that this was done after Bukowski was long dead. Once someone is dead you really ought to leave their shit alone. It isn't for Yoko Ono or Rita Marley or Linda Bukowski (or worse yet, Martin, or some lawyer at Ecco) to decide that the dead men's work can be deconstructed and destroyed.

    But, you know, I have no strong feelings on the issue either way. ;)
  13. Got it !
    I agree
  14. Cool song. Great groove.

    I emailed Valerian Ruminski and received a heartfelt reply.

    I hope others are emailing him. He seems like such a warm fellow, appreciative of the positive comments we're sharing with him.
  15. Why not post them here for us all to see?
  16. Valerian's email

    My original email I sent to Valerian:
    If Bukowski were alive, he'd slap the crap out of you for butchering his poems with your awful singing.
    Stop it, and destroy all the CDs--you shouldn't be making any money off of this.

    Valerian's response:
    Well, then Bukowski wouldnt mind if I said, " Fuck you!"

    My response:
    He probably wouldn't mind, but he'd still slap the crap out of you, you pimple.

    As you'll notice, he's the one who used the expletive, though "crap" and "pimple" are considered quite rude in certain circles. I'll let you know whether he replies.
  17. Awesome! I like Mike Watt, he is one of my favorite bass players. He's just great ! I saw him life this year on The Stooges concert. Funny guy :)
  18. It's kind of funny to me to think that years after this clueless idiot foisted his stinking garbage onto the world, suddenly, out of the blue, he's getting shit from seemingly random people for it. I don't know, it's absurd and funny. To me. Probably not to VALERIAN.

    I just had the misfortune of learning that he called the record, Opera Meets Skid Row. That makes me hate it even more than I used to hate it for some reason (if that's possible).


    "He is actively involved in recording new music, such as the songs based on the poetry of Charles Bukowski composed by Persis Anne Vehar, for which he received rave reviews in the Los Angeles Times." http://www.naxos.com/artistinfo/6382.htm

    "The first six songs of what will be an 18-song cycle premiered in Los Angeles last fall to glowing reviews." http://www.buffalo.edu/UBT/UBT-archives/16_ubtw01/alumni_profiles/profile2.html

    Wow, how did I miss the rave and glowing reviews?
  19. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    LOL...and afterwards we can read Valerians books: Screams From The Opera, Living On Opera and Reach for The Opera...
  20. Ooooh, VALERIAN is going to be mad at you!
  21. I thank you both for these great contributions!
    The best I can think of, concerning this guy.
  22. fucking horrible.
    this thread has ruined my day.
  23. 1fsh2fsh

    1fsh2fsh I think that I think too much First 9 SAMCRO Unholy Ones

    75 fucking dollars??!! are you serious?? do you know how many bottles of wine I could buy with $75??!!
  24. 25 bottles of Charles Shaw at Trader Joe's!

    You'll want to kill yourself after the first glass, but on the bright side, you'll only have 149 more glasses to choke down...

    VALERIAN is the Charles Shaw of music.
  25. With apologies to Father Luke, I did snag a ticket for a more affordable show...

  26. 1698838839_541381614e_o.jpg

    Figure it's got to be worth
    75 American dollars
  27. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    At least! I'm sure some sucker on ebay would pay more. After all, it's the only copy in existence...:D
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  28. I threw up a little when I saw the Valerian video. Gross.

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