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the US got it more beautiful BY FAR.

Now I almost feel like buying the US version and give my UK version away.

The US-version has the name of the editor on the front-cover, while the UK-edition has - placed on the same part of the cover - the super-original quotation: "A laureate of American low life (Time)", which I've never heared anywhere before.

Me neither. Buk used to be called, "The poet laureate of skid row". Now he's just "A laureate of American low life", which is a lesser title (not that I cared too much about "The poet laureate of skid row" title). What's next, "Another laureate of American low life", maybe? :hmh:
Finished this the other day. Enjoyed it, despite the repetition.

Some good Bukowski fire, some good Bukowski pissing on other people's fire.

I was struck by how many times Buk flip flopped his opinion of Ezra Pound. I know Buk often changed his opinion on people, but he seemed to change it a lot concerning Ol' Ez. Made me drag out Cantos again.

And he seemed particularly proud of his correspondence with Sheri Martinelli. Maybe because she tasted the quill of a couple of perceived masters. The contradiction again of Buk not wanting fame, but being tickled when it comes, being grouped (in a certain fashion ) in the same circle with Frost and Pound. "Don't want to be here, but I'm here now, so I'm going to roll with it."
That's some review in the Huffington Post. It´ll be difficult to to make a more positive one.

It would be great if one day all of Buk's correspondence was published. Maybe not all of his correspondence is interesting to read, but being able to read it all chronologically would probably give one more insight into his character and the person he was.
I had my copy today (Amazon gift voucher) I paid almost half the price of the book in postage to get it this weekend, worth every penny, Great to hear it straight from the horses mouth, as compared to Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life.
Thanks for the review
The things you find on the net :aerb::


I can’t help thinking that Debritto is one of those who thinks Martin is doing Bukowski a disservice, for whatever reason, financial or ego. He doesn’t ever say it, but the inclusion of many letters by Bukowski complaining about Martin (both to Martin himself and to others) certainly adds up to, at best, a love/hate relationship. Which, is probably a good thing for other writers to read, know, and think about.
Finally got it in Vancouver in a cool bookstore Tanglewood on west broadway. Looks somewhat like this but I'm sure you already have it.

1501203645115-1823375615.jpg 1501203678117611643158.jpg
The German translation of this comes out in about 2 weeks.
We'll have that on sale - still smelling like just printed - at our BUKOWSKI-SYMPOSIUM on August 19 in Andernach, Germany.

Oh, and we'll have the German editor in charge for this one as a speaker there (publisher is KiWi).

Oh, well, and we'll have the editor who's in charge (amongst other Buk) for all the Calonne-books including the upcoming (in October this year) German translation of 'The Bell Tolls ...' also as a speaker (publisher is Fischer).
with my brazilian copy in my hands, translated by Rodrigo Breunig for L&PM and released in Brazil on 2016, I'm amazed to read this thread as I get to know more about this piece that I'm addicted to.

the brazilian title is kinda lame, "writing to not go mad", and it seens to be a routine around here, because every title is associated with madness when they don't use the original. great job, Abel. thanks for that, even if I'm a couple years late.
(what I think it's funny about the titles in brazil is that they kinda try to emulate Buk's voice, in order to call attention and to sound less like a collection, I suppose.)

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Can sb tell me what "eltchl" means? I am reading On writing and I can't get the meanig.

Also I have question about "erraiti"
Do you know the meaning?
I have some other questions about meanings. If anybody can answer me please let me know. It is a big help.

guys can you tell me about "b.g. meeting God"?

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