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We've been talking about art that shows Bukowski many a times. rekrab and BlackSwan do paintings and others have done so too. But I think, we've never had a special thread dedicated to the topic so we can gather all these things. I'll start now.

Here's my latest find:

According to Black Swan,
Buk's lips are the most difficult part of his face to paint.
She is right.
I'm very happy about that watercolour, framed it only a couple of weeks ago and it looks great. Bought it on eBay from an Italian guy; he has another one on sale here.
That watercolor ain't too bad either, and $50 seems a very reasonable price.
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He has a very complex face -- all those lines and scars, angular planes. When you paint him, Black Swan, he does look a little better, but still like Bukowski.
Wish I had the portrait I did of him back in 1989/90. I sold it right after I finished it and never took a pic. The guy I sold it to, Paul Bushnell (he was the music director for The Commitments movie) lost it in a storage locker auction. It could be anywhere, even firewood for all I know.

I do have a pic of a Bukowski-related painting I did around the same time. It's not great, nor is it a great pic, but I can find it and scan it.
esart: I bet that lost painting still exists. It's not too likely that someone who bought a storage locker would destroy or trash an art work. They may have it hoarded away or it may have been resold, but I bet it's still out there. You might even see it on eBay some day.

I took photos of all of the Bukowski portraits I've painted and sold, but the early ones were taken with a very crappy digital camera, the Kodak Smile, and are heavily pixilated. I have the photos but they are quite funky.
I like that, Hosh. It's as if he's yelling at you to get your ass busy writing, and make it good while you're at it.
That's exactly what it's like! And there's also a touch of him (in the original photo at least) laughing...which is an important thing to remember when writing!
I tried Googling it and it looks like it's got something to do with a reading at a university.
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The eyes must be the most difficult. Not being any sort of painter other than one who has thrown a bit of paint in the general direction of a canvas, but someone with a certain sense of aesthetic, my observation is that the eyes are the most difficult to capture. But that's good, from three feet away from my screen (I mean that in a good way). But the eyes are to close to one another.
i'm assuming you didn't do that...?
No man, I try to stay away from paint. For the children.

That was on eBay. Aside from the eyes, the mouth, the ears, the hair, the cheeks and the shape of the head, it's great.

If you want to "interpret" someone in a portrait like that, working from a photo is not the way to go. It's always going to look bad.
No man, I try to stay away from paint. For the children.

well, i didn't want to say what i was thinking til i knew. never too careful and all that...

i was going to say something about him looking like he's weeping cigar ashes and i was going to
dub his style "flounderism".

just so you know...:rollfool:
I too didn't find that misspelled Bucowski-painting too bad. In fact,I liked it.

[...] I, again, apologize.
I always do enjoy seeing efforts on our favorite writer, even if the results aren't always enjoyable. So don't you apologize for contributing. Maybe we should think of a book on Buk-portraits. I'd buy such a beast seeing it in a bookshop.

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