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TORONTO -- Sean Penn was, he says, standing on a hillside somewhere in remote Alaska, about halfway through shooting "Into the Wild," when he asked himself a "pretty primal question": Would an audience be able to relate to this story of a young man who prefers being alone in the wilderness to a triple-shot venti latte?

"Later, after we had finished shooting, I remembered this conversation I had with Charles Bukowski," says Penn, leaning forward in an overstuffed chair in the upscale Toronto hotel room where he stayed during the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

Bukowski, who died in 1994 and whose hardscrabble life was the inspiration for many of his poems and much of his fiction, was one of Penn's favorite writers. Penn had wanted to bring an adaptation of Bukowski's deeply sexual novel "Women" to the screen in the early 1990s.

"Charles said that if we made the movie it would have to open with a white screen with nothing but two black capital letters on it: 'BA,' for 'Before AIDS,' so people could put it in perspective. When I finished 'Into the Wild,' I toyed with the idea of opening it the same way, but with the letters 'BB' --'Before Bling.' "
I find this qoute to be odd and have to call bullshit on Sean Penn. I can't imagine that Buk would have wanted the movie to open with a giant "BA". That seems like a PC thing that Sean Penn wants to do to make mimself feel better about putting out a movie that would be seen as mysogonistic (sp?).

That being said, Sean Penn does seem to do many good things that others would not be caught dead doing (like trying to rescue people after Hurricane Katrina).

Still, I gotta call bullshit.

Also, are we to believe that Sean called Buk "Charles" and not "Hank"?


odd, I tells ya.

I think to recall, having heared a similar thing from Bukowski in an interview, like: That was before Aids.
And wasn't there even a poem by Buk on that topic?

But this 'Charles'-thing... I have no way to imagine Penn would use this name. He knew him way too well. Being into journalism myself, I have to assume this 'quotation' was made up by the writer. (doesn't mean the content of the quote was wrong - just, that he may have quoted incorrectly.)
I call bullshit on everything that Penn has ever said and ever will say.

But a talented cat, in his way.

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