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I haven't had a drink for a good couple of months now, soon I shall be able to claim that I am straight edge. If I were to be especially self depracating I would say that my virginity has also grown back but that's a seperate issue entirely.
I have been able to abstain from imbibing for three years twice in my life. The first time I fell off the wagon the damn thing ran me over. This latest episode has ended with a much more gentle landing. Not that I haven't over indulged a time or two, mind you, but I can have a beer with dinner without reaching for a second (and third, fourth...). I hope it lasts.
we're all addicts in one form or another. most of us here in the US are addicted to television. throw your TV out the window and see how you feel...not unlike a junky who just spilled all his drugs in the toilet I bet.
Eddie: What's "okay"? You f/ckin' rummy, what's okay?
My TV stopped working two weeks ago.
It's like being liberated from a jail with invisible bars.

Hey look at all those beautiful books on the shelves!
Look at all those CDs begging to be heard!
Time talking to the wife, listening to the kid.

Fuck the TV... it can fix itself.
i find alcohol disgusting and people who drink disgusting
and i don't do drugs and i don't hate women and i don't hate children and
i save the dolphins, sail the wales -- oh! - This is not the poem!


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