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Hey all,

I'm new around here, and looking for the names of two poems that I've forgotten the names of.

The first one ends in the line "and the second to last, and then the last"

the second one ends "I wasn't quite sure of anything"

any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

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i recognize the last lines of the first one, but can't identify the poem. it's clever:

"the second to last" ...line of the poem, etc.

hank solo, or somebody, put us out of our misery.
... looking for the names of two poems that I've forgotten the names of.

but you seem to recall the last lines very well. so maybe you can give more info on the CONTENT of these poems? this would help a LOT answering your question.
maybe even, WHERE you've read it and when.
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we knew that.
and Mr. gerard is too.

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Ah, I thought it might be from one of his books rather than a poem.

Thank you guys so much! That had been driving me crazy. I really appreciate it :-)
You're welcome, misschung. It's about time that I contributed something other than some scatalogical or drunken comment here. And thanks, roni. I am indeed a killer-buk-fan.
Guys, I have another poem question. This is one that's been haunting me for awhile, and I can't seem to find the source, even after rereading by Bukowski collection.

Anyway, it's a poem, and there's a line in it that's something like

"life is particularly hard for the young, who have passed the beginning and still have the rest of the way to go"

That's all I can remember. Any thoughts would put my mind at peace!

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I light a cigar, lean back
dead friends dead days dead loves;
so much has gone by for most of us,
even the young, especially the young
for they have lost the beginning and have
the rest of the way to go;
I am so sorry that I ever made that autism comment.

you were so, - - SOOO Right with it!

it Was a joke, but even HankSo himself immediately jumped into it.
It isn't an insult of any kind - it just shows, there's a guy, who Knows about things, in a way we can rely to. (e.g. he's an excellent driver!)

so, don't be sorry!

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