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I don't particularly remember any of the words for this poem -- just the way it made me feel.

It contains three words that are repeated a couple of times and they have "or" in between -- "x, y, or z" (I don't remember the actual words/phrases) just that it's repeated towards the end.

I know this is a long shot, but I wanted to see if someone would have any idea which poem this might be. I heard him recite it on YouTube, but cannot find it.

Maybe the poem also has the word "the" it.

Really not a lot to go on. If someone (Like Hank Solo) can find it, I will say that he is king of the internet.

Found it --

[This video is unavailable.]

The phrase was "Too much, too little, too fat, too thin, or nobody". "People are not good to each other" is what he repeats...

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