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I remember the first poem I read by Bukowski was on the internet and it had something to do with Bukowski killing a spider with what I think may have been a broom(?) I remember I really liked it, but that's about all.

It may be popular, or it may not. Like I said, don't remember too much about it.
I google'd it, and couldn't find anything, but then I typed in "spider" and it came up. "Death Wants More Death".

Thanks, anyway, though. I actually really want to read that book.
Also, while I'm here I guess I'll ask so I don't waste another thread.

What's the main collection "Freedom" appears in? It always stuck out to me above the others for some reason.
there's a great function mjp built into this site; click the 'poem database' link in the upper left-hand corner under Buk's picture. that will take you to a search page. type in the poem you are looking for, and it will give you a list of all the appearances of that poem. small mags, collections, etc.

it's a very cool feature.
Yeah, I'm not very good with forums or the internet in general and tend not to know how stuff works and miss very big things.

Thanks for shining the light a little for me.

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