poem 'shoes' in the 1960 and in 1986 - the same? I doubt that. (1 Viewer)

I don't have 'it catches' or 'Outsider #1' at hand right now, but, I doubt, that the poem 'shoes' in them would be the same as the one in 'You get so Alone'.

Can anybody check this?

While, at the same time, I'm pretty sure, that 'Jane's shoes' must have been published before 'The people', since it's been in a German translation (unfortunately without a source) in the 1970s. [in the book 'Flinke Killer']

So maybe the 1960s poem 'shoes' equals 'Jane's shoes'?

You're right. Jane's Shoes is a horrible Martinization of Shoes from It Catches. See below and read at your own risk.

I'll add another Shoes to the database and straighten it out. (Done.)

When the database was first built a lot of the common word titles were lumped together because I didn't have the time or resources to do a lot of cross-referencing. So I assume there are more errors to be found in there where common word short titles are concerned.

[...] right. Jane's Shoes is a horrible Martinization of Shoes from It Catches [...]
that's how I discovered the case in the first place.
to be exact and honest, it wasn't even me to find this:

There's a fan from Austria, who got to me lately with questions about German translations and the unfortunate state of the poetry-books in German language concerning their matching with Original books.

Now, after he's been watching my little video about the falsification-scandal, he alerted me, that the version of 'Jane's shoes' in 'The People ...' does differ a lot (though obviously being the same poem) from 'Schuhe' in the German book 'Flinke Killer'.
That's how I got started to search for the Original version from this German book.
But don't have the 'catches' or 'Outsider' at hand - so I started the thread.
Frankly, I'm now officially tired of reading these comparisons as they annoyed me at first and now they consume what little spirit I may have ever had. The re-writes truly read like someone who has no concept of the purpose of poetry - that is, the ability to allow the reader to compose the picture in one's own mind. The originals leave enough out to fully allow for that. The re-writes are color-by-number for idiots.

I suppose many or most of you have already figured this out. But this pushed me into "the duh!" zone.

she sends me photographs of the hospital
taken from the air

Jane's shoes:

she sends me photographs of herself
taken in the hospital

- That's some editing alright! :((
This one goes beyond beyond...
"This one" is downright tame compared to many of the others.

There is a corpse on the table in front of us, its head blown off by a shotgun, yet we continue to look for knife wounds.

Or, I know a dead parrot when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.

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