Poet John Yamrus Talks About The Jazz, Blues, Bukowski, Etc. (1 Viewer)

[...] He doesn't say much about Bukowski [...]

and what he says is quite true:

"Charles Bukowski is singularly responsible for everything that’s good and everything that’s bad about modern poetry today. He made it look so easy that every joker on the block thought they could do the same. The dopes couldn’t see the great artistry that hid behind the streets, the women and the beer."

Thanks bukfan.
Good line! On the other hand I guess there is a lot more to Bukowski than just "great artistry" - integrity, strength of character, etc (maybe related to the extent of his physical suffering first from abuse and then from internal lesions, not to mention the unsettling existential torment experienced following on disfigurement from skin problems?).

Speaking of Kerouak and Bukowski, I saw the new film Big Sur at a film festival in town a couple days ago and it was totally compelling. I turned around and saw it again the next day, and now take back most of the oversimplified negative crap I've expressed about Kerouac. The man was definitely lost and a somewhat pitiful as an overgrown adolescent, but he opened a lot of very heavy doors with what seems like extraordinary, searching, syncopated sincerity. The portrayal of his delirium was fantastic, too, definitely gave cathartic form to some of my own past troubles.

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