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Portrait painting of Charles Bukowski | 60cm x 90cm | oils on canvas


Usually wrong.
It's a tough room.

I think the likeness is good on the oils, but honestly, my first thought is that he's been making cookies, rolling out the dough, and has flour all over his face. Too many white shinny places for my tastes, but a better likeness than I could muster.

The Keith Richards is definitely scary.
The photo captures a man who's had a couple of glasses of wine, spent the day reading in the sun, and is being propped up by a lighting assistant. You fail to capture the feeling of the photo and instead bring something else to the portrait. Is this intentional? Btw, I think you overdid the wrinkles and folds; he has ended up looking like prune man.

For me, great portraits come from the painter having contact with the subject, even if they eventually use a photo to paint from. The story becomes part of the artwork and that is what gives it life. Otherwise, it's a bit like reading a biography written by someone who never met the subject.

p.s. I prefer the Bu-Hulk-ski painting just because it seems less generic, but as others have said, I still don't think it matches the feel of the photo.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
bukowski as a meat poet.

i actually like it. where'd you find it, Juxtapoz magazine?
I can't remember.... all his portraits were painted in that style. I thought that it looked like meat, then looked at different kinds of beef cuts and it definitely looked like chuck steak. He had also titled his painting Charles Chuck Bukowski which was ironic.

bukowski as a meat poet.

i actually like it. where'd you find it, Juxtapoz magazine?
Just found a jacket to match