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Self portrait in oil by Charles Bukowski at auction this Thursday (1 Viewer)

On offer this Thursday inscribed and signed on verso by Bukowski, along with a drawing of his little man: "For great neighbor Charley - Charles Bukowski." A colorful self portrait in oil by the celebrated poet and author. Undated. Consigned by the family of the recipient - Bukowski was their next-door neighbor. Here's a link to the item


With thanks from all of us at PBA Galleries

Perhaps it's just me, but I wish PBA would go fuck themselves with John Martin's dead dick and stop pimping their bullshit here. Hope that wasn't too negative...


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Sold for $4800 (or $5760, plus the shipping overcharge and "handling" fee).

Seems about right for a standalone oil on canvas panel, since those are not exactly common. Though you can buy much larger works by more well known artists for less.

But even if they are not well known, you should support your local artists!

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yeah, that's why i say he had an instinctive feel for the materials and how to apply them.
They dated it: "[1970's?]"
They better had asked here before, since we do know, that Charley was his 90-yold neighbour in San Pedro.

The prize is right, I think.
I always said, that his paintings are low-prized. Couple o years ago we've seen rising prizes on them at an auction. I'm sure, that in the long run, his paintings will become a major factor in prizing.

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