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Hey guys, I'm about to start writing my bachelor thesis about Bukowski and his portrayal of women. So I was wondering if you could help me with some secondary sources - books, essays, interviews ... whatever comes to your mind ;)
Ahhh, why do those teachers always nudge Buk-interested students towards gender studies?
Is it because they doubt the quality of his writing?

What topic would you offer if you were a teacher?
I would suggest "Deixis in Bukowski's poetry". Sounds technical enough to scare students off.

Mind you, when I was young and silly, a teacher did make me give up on W. Burrough with something like "Fragmentation in Burrough's prose writing".
Why not go for that idea about "The Sun in Buk's poetry" or some such.
I like the idea, wanted to contribute, but haven't got round to it.
Meantime the thread grows and grows, and I still haven't got round to it.
But I really like the sound of that thread.
I really do.

I even taught my kids to say "Hello sunlight, here I am!" every time they see it.
They look at me kinda strange, the oldest one, not the youngest. He loves it.
Mind, you it doesn't happen all that often this time of year. Especially this year.
Maybe we should start saying "Hello darkness. here I am."

Now where did I put my glass of liquid sunshine...
I'm always available for help in cases like this.
Apparently the pattern begins to emerge:

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Pogue, you really need your backside kicked for that statement.
Perhaps one of those lovely young girls would do the honours? - no hardship I'm sure.
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That goes for my ass as well:D Otto jr.

Skygazer, need any help with some type of scholarly paper? Any broad with a telescope must be quite a piece of ass.
Don't think I ever had any scholarly days Otto jr - too busy listening to music and playing truant, but... I do fancy submitting a paper to the Royal Astronomical Society on how to avert the inevitable collision of the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy colliding with our own lovely Milky Way in ooohhhh
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Cat's got my tongue now...
But if you're interested this is a very good month for viewing distant objects, you know, like galaxies.
I now have to make a pact with the devil to ensure that roni never...ever, sees these posts, else I'm in deep trouble. I'll just blame you.:)
Soooo... you did see it then roni; great! never make a deal with the devil.
Can I say that I am in the middle of a 400 page(turner) entitled:
Bukowski: Pluralism and Gender Politics
A Feminist Critique
by: A.Nun.
Will get back to you when I'm finished it:wb:.

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