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was thinking 8,

It is like being at the racetrack.

Buk was being paid one hundred dollars a month when he wrote Post Office.
Chronic was DAMN close.

Yes, it will be on abe and in catalogs soon, I suspect. It was not Ross or Nick who bought this. I can imagine that it must be a bookseller. It could be a private buyer, but really high end booksellers do not buy on ebay, preferring to pay twice the ebay price through dealers. I tried to sell a book (the Big White Book) a couple years ago for $750. I could not do it. Then a couple weeks later a high end bookseller put it in his catalog and sold it for $1500. His copy was identical to mine.

It was interesting - no 5 second snipes - I was waiting for them all to come in. Surprised at that money level people showing their hands so early.
The winner had only a 14-star rating, so it may not be a bookseller; or it's a bookseller who has recently found out that flipping ebay stuff often turns a tidy profit.
A lot of it is crap. But he could make a good painting. I don't think he put a lot of effort into the paintings for the books. But then I have seen some that were very good. Raw, emotional stuff. Screaming faces, tortured little stick-man bodies...they stand out when you see them.

To say that I don't like his art much is a bit too blunt and dry. As a fact, I love Bukowski's ink drawings, they are very funny, entertaining and sensitive.

I also love his birds. I think that he is very direct, nothing interferes between the idea of what he is painting and the actual painting. Same simplicity as in his writing.

Most artists struggle with that. We think too much.

I suppose that as a collector, one would enjoy having anything "art" by Bukowski. I am only wondering if the same portraits would be of any value if painted by the mailman?;)

What was that question again? art is .....
Or it could be a bookseller with more than one account, if that's possible to have on ebay, or he could have used a friend's or girlfriend's account. It'll be interesting to see if it now pops up on Abebooks.
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[...] (the Big White Book) a couple years ago for $750. [...] sold it for $1500.

the only reason, I can see, if you couldn't sell this beauty for 750. was, that no serious collector got aware of your sale. I think it definitely IS worth the 1500. it went for later. With more to come when the economy raises again. In a way, they are one-of-a-kind-items: different photographs on the cover-titles.
you'd be surprised how many collectors would buy a book from, say, ken sanders for $1500 even when a search on abe turns up the same book for $1000. the "prestigious" booksellers get a premium from collectors who want advice on what to buy next and just want to own it, rather than search for it (so they pay a bookseller to search for it for them and offer whatever price). i think, of course, that this is insane, but it happens pretty often.

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