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POST OFFICE by BUKOWSKI - 1st - SIGNED - Numbered (1 Viewer)

A Novel by
1st Edition - AUTHOR SIGNED - Numbered

post office.jpg

Printed, January 1971 in Santa Barbara by Noel Young for the Black Sparrow Press. Design by Barbara Martin. This edition is limited to 2000 copies in paper wrapper; 250 hardcover copies numbered and signed by the author; and 50 numbered copies handbound in boards by Earle Gray, signed and with a original illustration by the author

Publisher: Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara
Publication Date: 1971
Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Fine
Signed: Signed by Author
Edition: 1st Edition - Limited (157/250)
SBN: 87685-087-5

Slight fading on spine, light wear to the edges and corners, boards have minor rubbing.


$1,999.00 obo

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Not accusing anyone of anything, but there are a couple troubling things about this posting. As Hank Solo mentioned, this is a "borrowed" image. Anyone selling a $2000 book would not "borrow" an image from another person's listing. Cahill is a very well known seller, so I suspect that the book photo that is listed on abe is his. Also, the fact that the seller has a Hotmail account is a bit troubling. Hotmail does not do much in the way of verifying identity. You really have no way to know who this really is.

Given all of this, I would not buy the book unless 1) They took credit cards and 2) could send other pictures that were not lifted from the internet and 3) were willing to provide a telephone number that would resolve to an actual address. Still, I would be very, very cautious.

Then again, they have a website set up as a consignment service, so maybe they are just lazy and did not want to photograph a $2000 book that they were trying to sell? Of course, there is only one reference to this consignment shop when you search Google, so it could have been set up today as a part of the scheme.

Again, this person could be completely on the up-and-up. The problem is that they have presented themselves as someone would if they were running a con.


That picture attached was borrowed from Abe, listed as #37 of 250 by James Cahill of Aliso Viejo, CA.


Maybe a photo of the signed colophon would help.

And the one at Abe has a drawing tipped in as well. Should'nt this one here also have a drawing tipped in, if it's from the same 250 signed hard covers?

ps.: the seller also has a first edition of Pulp signed at Ebay for $199.99
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I took the email address out of the original post. This seems like a scam. If it isn't, the original poster can come and explain.
You must be a fool to think you're able tricking the Buk-experts.
Good work guys!

Jus before I saw this thread, I re read the Al Fogel story in Drinking with...Nice coincidence, I guess his book is already discussed here?

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