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Signed and numbered 1st Edition Post Office (BSP) (1 Viewer)

I have a signed & numbered 1st edition Post Office. It is one of 250. However, it is ex-libris, and was apparently in General Circulation and not Special Collections. I have questions about selling it for this reason, and cannot find the value of it because of this reason. I'm sure this has come up before. And I'm certain it is still valuable.


The ShoeLace
I'll try to do that. It's not the original cover, from all the others I have seen. It has the call numbers printed on the spine. So it's by no means, in original mint condition. But I'm certain it is authentic.
If it has been re-bound then it will be worth a lot less than the original hard back.
If this is a rebound copy, it's going to be pretty tricky to come up with a fair price. As the saying goes, "it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it."

That being said I did some very very very thin calculations, based on a little research. I collect Cormac McCarthy books, and as an example, his first book, 'The Orchard Keeper' is a very collectible book that came out in 1965 in two printings that totaled under 3K copies.

A fine copy in a vg+ dj runs about $2500, a good book with a good jacket runs $1500, an ex lib with markings and wear runs $800, and there's one guy who's been trying to sell a rebound ex library copy for $345 for quite some time. The $345 copy is selling for 13% of what the copy in really nice shape is selling for.

Since I can't find any of the 250 signed first Post Offices online, I extrapolated it's value from looking at various copies of Post Office, Mockingbird, The Days Run Away, and South of No North. I'm sure others here (MJP, Rekarb, Chronic) will have a much better sense of what a signed/1st of Post office runs, but based on the other books values, I'd say somewhere in the $2K range.

At the 13% for a rebound copy figured out above and a $2K value, your copy would be in the $275 range

Personally, I think rebound books are pretty challenging to call 'collectible'. The guy selling the Orchard Keeper has been try to sell at $345 for a year or two, so odds are it's 'worth' is exaggerated, which throws my whole calculation off.

Personally, I wouldn't pay much over $100 for the rebound Post Office. Your best bet is probably to sell on eBay to see what it's worth.

Others may wildly disagree, and they're probably right. You could certainly make the case that since no other from this edition are available online, it's worth a ton of money. Cheers. And yeah, post some pictures.
The only thing of value in the book is the signature. $100 sounds about right to me as well. I paid $90 for a library rebound copy of It Catches My Heart In Its Hands 8 or 10 years ago, and I wouldn't put any greater value on it today.

But who knows. I've seen some real crap sell for real money. You can't predict the market. Or rather, you can't predict buyers on eBay.
The only thing of value in the book is the signature. $100 sounds about right to me as well. I paid $90 for a library rebound copy of It Catches My Heart In Its Hands 8 or 10 years ago, and I wouldn't put any greater value on it today.

I would. There's also original art in that Catches My Heart. I know it's been rebound for the public library, but that's a little bit different of a book, and less were produced since it's that special edition. I'd value it a lot more than 90 bucks, don't you think? Plus I think it's kind of cool that it was in the public library for everyone to enjoy for a while. Seems more fitting for how Hank would have wanted it.
Thank you everyone for all the great information. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to share their knowledge of the market for this book. I'm surprised by the estimates, but I'm not questioning it. The estimated figures are far lower than the personal value to me, no matter the condition, so I'll probably hang on to it for a while to come. I will try to load some pics tomorrow night. For years I wondered about the value, so now I know. It's worth far more in my bookcase than in my wallet.
Shoelace, please don't take my calculations as gospel. Collectible books are tricky, and as I said, a book is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. While my calculations came in at the $100-$275 range, someone else might go much higher.

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