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Maybe you guys can give me some advice. Ever since I saw the selection of Buk's art on this site, I've been thinking of putting together a chapbook of his paintings accompanied by lines of his prose or poetry. I'm not sure how I'd go about getting the rights to the art - I imagine this forum would be a good place to start. As far as lines of poetry and prose, I suppose I'd have to make an arrangement with the estate or Ecco. This is obviously a minimally researched idea at the moment, but if anyone has advice for me, fire away.
Many people have asked about making a book of Bukowski's art. I think the rights would be relatively easy to get, but high quality photos of the art - well, where are you going to get those? There are a few collectors with a lot of art, but if you wanted to do something representative (comprehensive is impossible), you would need the cooperation of more than one or two collectors. Therein lies the rub, as the kids say.

That's for a high quality book book, an art book, not a chapbook. Honestly, I don't see the point of a Bukowski art chapbook. But what do I know.
When I think chapbook, I think of something done on a letterpress in a relatively small edition. I'm a big Bukowski fan, but I don't think a book like this would sell in huge numbers, so something modest that celebrates the best of his paintings would be cool. I'll have to give it some thought - it does sound like an endless amount of back and forth getting good photos and rights. The idea occurred to me when I was on Kickstarter last night.
When you say Letterpress, you mean for the text or the cover? The art would damn near impossible, to completely impossible to do letterpress. If he used one or two colors only then it would be possible. Line art would be easy enough, but full color letterpress would not be the way to go. Plus, it would likely look like shit as you would have a serious loss of tone.

Yeah, if done well with letterpress cover, and text and well printed high quality images, it could be quite beautiful...

I would certainly be keen to see a whole collection of pictures in a book - or even in an exhibition. Doesn't really answer your point, but I thought I'd add it.
Rights would be via the estate of CB. Collectors have no copyright over CB art but they can demand payment for images/access to photo. I guess the first thing is to get chummy with art collectors who have some paintings and see where you go from there....

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