Sartre, Genet, Miller and BUKOWSKI: UNVEILING THE MYTH - by Abel Debritto

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Sartre, Genet, Miller and BUKOWSKI: UNVEILING THE MYTH - by Abel Debritto

This essay (a part of Abel Debritto's dissertation on Bukowski) is published by Purple Glow Press.
All drawings and Buk's portraits, by Jocelyne Desforges.

Abel Debritto has been looking into the apocryphal story which claims that
Bukowski had been called 'the best poet in America'.
Something that would have been said by Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Genet
or Henry Miller in the sixties.
Who had really said what and when?
His research explores that myth. Was it truth or an absolute fabrication to boost the sales?

Trade edition: $10 ALL IN, with one postcard. We start shipping today from Canada.

Signed & Lettered edition: $15 ALL IN.
(These include extras: small drawing, a bookmark printed on true cork UNVEILING THE MYTH and a new signed Bukowski postcard.)

You may get any 4 postcards $5.00, includes shipping.


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I already ordered one lettered and one trade from Ponder. I'm looking forward to reading it.
I've just sent the $25 via Paypal.
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It's hard waiting to find out the answer to this, but thanks to Pay Pal I will soon have more information on this burning question. It looks beautiful. If I get the postcard w/ you & Buk will you sign that too? Gracias.
New produkt from Black Swan and Ponder, publishers of Purple Glow Press? I'm in! Payment sent. Debritto's book looks boss. Looking forward to the read...
Got mine today - a very nice production and I was compelled enough to shut my door and read it cover to cover at work. Good stuff - although I'm not sure about where the lettered copy designation is.

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Abord the Yorikke!
In the photo above, that is Roni's copie, with an R in the label of the bottle. Isn't there a 'J'
in your copie, where that drawing is ?
Not impossible, that I would mix something. But, if it is the case, I'll get you the right one.


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I received it yesterday, and it looks great. PGP is establishing a "look." If I saw it from far across a room I would immediately think, "Ah, there's a Purple Glow book!" Kudos to the Swan and the Jan.


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Hi everyone,

Black Swan's MAC is KO.

She asked me to send private messages to Ponder.



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I received mine last week. It's sitting on the Buk shelf at home as I've been travelling and taking care of my boy.

Tonight I am solo, so I'll crack a bottle of wine, put on some music and read. Can't wait.



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My copies arrived today. What a beautiful looking book. I love the Buk painting on the cover. Nice touch including the poster for the Hackford documentary, which contains the Sartre-Miller quotes. The inside covers are cool too, and the story of the quotes is interesting and well written. Another 'A No.1' publication from Purple Glow Press!
"New from Purple Glow Press: Sartre, Genet, Miller and Bukowski: Unveiling the Myth by Abel Debritto"

Published today on . . . Interview by Mike Daily
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