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I know (or I'm pretty sure) Penn holds the rights to Post Office. Any word if he's going to do the film?
I hadn't heard that. I assumed the film rights to Post Office expired a long time ago. But if Penn does have rights, I haven't heard of any action on a film.
I think T. Hackford did buy the rights to P.O. (or was it Women?) shortly after shooting the documentary for KCET.
I stand corrected, Hackford does own P.O. But I'm pretty sure penn owns the rights to Women (maybe?). I can't remember where I saw it. Maybe it was a dream....fantasy....uh...
Ok, crazy I must be. Some quick research tells me that rumour has it Paul Verhoeven owns Women. Or did in the early '90's. Alright, enough.
Yeah, they only buy the rights to the work for a limited period, so unless someone has recently started a project it's unlikely any of those things from years ago are moving forward now.
this is a well known fact, but... B's favourite cinematographic adaptation of his work was D.R. "Crazy Love", shot back in 87. He hated Ferrara's movie and wasn't gleaming over Barbet's, but they were friends and...

Funniest thing ever was B claiming "Eraserhead" was his favourite movie. don't get me wrong, Lynch is a fucking genius -well, sometimes- but I don't see Bukowski enjoying this 70's experiment. "The Elephant Man" was much better, IMHO.
cirerita said:
and... Funniest thing ever was B claiming "Eraserhead" was his favourite movie.

I'd just read that somewhere.

The thought of Bukowski watching Eraserhead in a movie theater, and maybe eating some popcorn with Linda, cracks me up, man.

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I think the story goes that they just got cable TV hooked up in the San Pedro house and the first thing they saw on there was "Eraserhead." Bukowski thought, "This cable television is amazing! What a new world!" Then never saw anything as interesting again. Heh. I think that was in the Interview interview, that Sean Penn did...
Or not. I don't see any mention of it there. Well, I read that somewhere. Maybe in that book based on the interview the Italian woman did? (Laughing with the Gods, Fernanda Pivano)
I agree, Hank said somewhere that the first thing he saw on cable was "Eraserhead" and he was surprised and impressed. I thought maybe it was in "the captain is out to lunch..." but no it isn't.

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cirerita's post after mine made me check a few of my browser bookmarks:

In an interview with for Film Comment magazine in 1987 Hank says:

We got cable TV here, and the first thing we switched on happened to be Eraserhead. I said, "What?s this?" I didn?t know what it was. It was so great. I said, "Oh, this cable TV has opened up a whole new world. We?re gonna be sitting in front of this thing for centuries. What next?" So starting with Eraserhead we sit here, click, click, click?nothing.​

You can read this interview at:

Personally, I must say how much I enjoyed seeing Jack Nance as the dick in Barfly. made me smile. Shame they toned his character down from the screenplay tho'.

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In 'Hollywood' Hank refers to meeting Manz Loeb, the director of "Pencilhead" and "The Rat Man". He doesn't say if he preferred either of those movies :)

Also, in 'Hollywood' the movie director Hector Blackford still owns the rights to the first novel, Shipping Clerk and says:
"I'm still gonna make a movie out of Shipping Clerk some day".​

Maybe after Taylor Hackford's success with Ray, we might still see a big budget 'Post Office' someday.
Look forward to seeing the forum's reaction to it. Guess it depends on what you expect. If you want a "blueprint" of Factotum you're in trouble, but good directors take a book and make it their own. Hamer has done this, for better or for worse. I've seen it twice and would see it again if I could. Dillon is getting better with age, it seems. The prettyboy effect is wearing off.
I hear the DVD is out soon... (in Norway)
I'm glad Penn didn't do it at least. He lacks the desperate, cold, ironic calmness that is Chinaski's strength.

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