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Just bought this poster from eBay and I wonder who the photographer is, as it's not mentioned by the seller. Is it Montfort?

Thanks Roni. I knew the picture from the cover of Sounes' biography (one of the several editions available), but I don't own it, so I couldn't check the credits. Maybe it was also published somewhere else, I don't know. But if you say it's a Montfort I believe you, no further proof needed :)
If roni says its Montfort, then it must be.

Although, my first thought was that it was by Herb Ritts for Interview Magazine :)
Come on! S****s would never claim the rights to a photo he did'nt shoot himself. :rolleyes:
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I stand corrected !!!

uh oh! I made a mistake!
There is a series by Montfort from the same time that has exactly this look and feel, the lightning, the perspective, the closeness - but this is NOT a Montfort-shot from this series!

It is a Herb Ritts photograph!

sorry folks!
roni, really, how could you?! I believed in you roni... I believed :)
yeah, I know.
I was too fast with my answer and a bit drunk and too lazy to really check.

At least, I am the first to admit when I made a mistake.

Will you still believe in me, grasshopper? I'll show you the marvels of the universe!

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