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Semina Two (1 Viewer)

I've seen this issue come up on eBay at least half a dozen times, usually going unsold, or selling for the usual $40 or so. Is it really that rare??
well, it's not as rare as Matrix or Harlequin or Quixote, but it's not a common item.

It seems that those two guys are fighting over it :D
I've never seen this item before. I must not be paying close enough attention if it's come up that many times on eBay.
I have never seen one go for $40 and would buy every one that I could for $100. I sold one of these a couple years back for over $500. Can't remember exactly how much, but they are scarce and can demand some money.

At the current price of $224, it is still a deal.

Well there you go. Never rule out the possibility that I have no idea what I'm talking about. ;)
A hair under $700 is what they usually seem to go for. This was not a bad auction for ebay lately. Normally a $700 book would sell for $350 in the current market...

Obviously I'm confusing it with something else, but I still have no idea what I'm thinking of. But I suppose we can dispel the $40 Semina myth now. ;)

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