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So...Sinead O'Connor bought Shelly Winters' books?! (1 Viewer)


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Ha ha -- yeah man, there should be some fierce bidding from that group. They don't get many opportunities to buy things.
They failed to mention whether or not it's a first edition. Does anyone besides me care about that? Are the signatures more important than the edition?

I think Shelly Winters ate Sinead O'Connor


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Color title page so probably a first, though softbound. I do wonder, what is there about this book (other than the seller's description) to indicate that "Sinead" is Sinead O'Conner? Not that I particularly care one way or the other...


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According to the seller (who relisted the book):

I was given it by a friend who worked in a London bookshop. Sinead went through a phase a few years ago where she renounced all her worldly good and decided to get rid of, among other things, all her books.

As to why it bears those inscriptions-I was told Sinead was given the book by Shelley winters. As to why Linda lee Bukowski then signed it -I dont know.
but the signatures are genuine.


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Whoever buys it will probably buy it as a curiosity. But I'm with you. As a curiosity, it's overpriced.

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