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Hello everybody, I guess it's time for my first real thread :fool:

I enjoyed @5:28am s thread when I first joined, about books about poverty and poorness and working class scenarios. So my thread is along those lines.

Does anybody know of songs that are about - or even mention in some way - the Big Journey that many of us Americans' ancestors made, by ship, across the 'great western ocean.'

I posted the song 'Sail Away' in the 'what are you listening to' thread, but I will post it again here by the original songwriter, Randy Newman. The only other song that really jumps into my head is the Pogues' 'Thousands Are Sailing.' Then there is 'Rivers of Babylon' which is implicitly about that. I'm including those videos too. But if anybody can think of any songs along these lines, I'd be much gratified and appreciating! (note, this is not about songs like David Gray or Styx 'sailing' which are more just sappy romance numbers - I'm looking for songs that get at the feeling and experience of that big ocean crossing by boat to make a new life in a far off continent in the days before telecommunications, airplanes, etc.)

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