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don't know if each book should have their own thread
or if there is even any interest in this, but for example
South of no North would look like this:
(thanks to Digney for many of these)

NOLA #117, October 20-November 2, 1972

Bop Bop Against That Curtain
L.A. Free Press, Marts 23, 1972

You And Your Beer And How Great You Are
NOLA #119, November 17-30, 1972

No Way To Paradise
NOLA #108, June 8-22, 1972

L.A. Free Press, December 22, 1972

Love For $17.50

A Couple Of Winos
NOLA #115, September 22-October 5, 1972

Maja Thurup

The Killers
L.A. Free Press, May 5, 1972

A Man

L.A. Free Press, October 6, 1972

Stop Staring At My Tits, Mister
L.A. Free Press, May 26, 1972

Something About A Viet Cong Flag

You Can’t Write A Love Story
L.A. Free Press, February 2, 1973

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Pittsburgh Phil & Co.
L.A. Free Press, October 27, 1972

Dr. Nazi
NOLA #111, July 21-August 14, 1972

Christ On Rollerskates

A Shipping Clerk With A Red Nose

The Devil Was Hot
L.A. Free Press, November 10, 1972

NOLA #121, December 22-January 4, 1973

Hit Man
L.A. Free Press, December 29, 1972

This Is What Killed Dylan Thomas
NOLA #116, October 6-19, 1972

No Neck And Bad As Hell

The Way The Dead Love
Congress, no. 1, 1967

All The Assholes In The World And Mine
Chapbook, September 1966

Confessions Of A Man Insane Enough To Live With Beasts
Chapbook, August 1965
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The original publication date/place is great information.

Lists are good, but a pain in the ass to reference. This has me thinking of database modifications to accommodate the info. But it's a little complicated.
Here's what I came up with:


Many of the SoNN stories have been printed both in LAFP and NOLA, but LAFP editions usually predated the NOLA editions by a couple of weeks.
Thanks to Digney in Burnaby for providing scans and for the idea.
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database modifications to accommodate the info. But it's a little complicated.
I guess what I'll do is list Notes Of A Dirty Old Man as an alternate title for the stories that were given titles in the Black Sparrow books.

The database will still have work titles that are Notes Of A Dirty Old Man without any alternate title, since they weren't given titles in most of the City Lights collections. (And I see now that I never added sources for More Notes or the untitled stuff from Bell Tolls, so I'll add them too.)

These kinds of things would be a lot more easily solved by porting the database over to a modern NoSQL (non-relational) database, but that's not really something that can be done right now (or probably ever).
Well, that's all done. Now I remember why I put it off in the first place.

"The Way the Dead Love" in South of No North is different from the version in Congress No. 1/The Bell Tolls for No One. I'm sure they're both excerpts from the same "novel in progress," but it looks like they're different excerpts.

Also, "Dr. Nazi" was already listed as coming from NOLA Express, but I added the Los Angeles Free Press appearance too. The Free Press was published a week earlier than NOLA.

Added that Platinum appearance for "Maja Thurup."
I guess that what many of want to know is ...are there any textual changes between first publication and collection re-publication?
According to Abel Debritto (in Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground), Class was originally published in Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns #3 in 1971, as The Time I Knocked Out Ernest Hemingway and Was Discovered as a New Literary Giant.
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Bop Bop Against That Curtain
L.A. Free Press, Marts 23, 1972
I am just finishing writing a book on Robert Crumb so I have been looking at Crumb's illustrations of "Bop Bop Against That Curtain." I tracked down the original story to LAFP, March 23, 1972, but the opening was unfamiliar. The LAFP version begins: "All of us had begun to masturbate and we masturbated continually, and we talked about women, peeked up their legs as they got out of cars and we looked into windows at night..." In the published version in South of No North as well as in the version Crumb illustrated in Arcade, Fall 1975, the story begins: "we talked about women, peeked up their legs." So the first half of the first sentence has been deleted. I haven't checked the rest of the story, but it fits in with the other censoring we have seen in the poetry.
Righto, Zobraks...I tried to find the column using Captain Co's March 23, 1972 with no luck and tried the data base and found it on March 23, 1973, but then forgot to put the correct date in my post. Thanks!
zobraks filled in the rest
well, in the beginning, it was ... say ... somehow strange.
Then the case became ... hmmm ... weird. In a way.
Later on - it seemed to be some kind of joke that he's ... an alien maybe. Or from Atlantis.
Now . . . ??
To be honest: I cannot believe anymore, that this entity called "zobraks" is of human nature.

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