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I think this cover is my absolutely favorite.
The simplicity. The colors.

Anyways, I'm 3 stories in.

Hopefully I can get some discussion going over this one!
No discussion. No problem.
Check out this photo my girlfriend took instead:

I like the cover of The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills. Just like you, it's for the simplicity and the colors. And the name is great in itself.
one of my all-time-favs is 'The Way, the Dead Love', which btw was one of Bukowski's early approaches towards a novel.
What about it, christopher? Did you finish South of No North? This is my personal fave of his short story collections. Ends with a bang, doesn't it? I hope you start digging in to Buk's poetry next to really get the wheels to spinning. The crafty old bastard draws you in. It can't be helped. Poetry? Might lead you to Pope or Jeffers or whomever - poems are good for the soul no matter the path you take.

hank solo

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Not exactly. The stories and themes are similar, but Confessions was originally published separately in 1965.
Well, in the end the heiress goes away with a Turk. It can only be Purple Stickpin.

This collection had some pretty dark stories. Bukowski was at his darkest. Like the one where the girl with the hippies get raped. And another one where two men rob a couple and one of them says to himself "Invading armies take the women. We are the army here". Or something like that before they proceed to rape the woman.
Hank often used earlier writings again in later times. This goes especially for his Dirty-Old-Man-column, which has large parts used again in 'Factotum' as well as in 'Post Office', 'Women' and a bunch of short-stories.

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