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Sad Flower in the Sand
I was going through some of my older Buk purchases and came upon my books of letters... and flipped through a few pages, only to discover that my copies of Beerspit Night and Cursing and Reach for the Sun are paperback first editions.

Sure, not really anything of value... but a nice surprise just the same. Love those color title pages! I bought 'em new about a year ago right before I moved to Portland and didn't even know how to tell a first edition from a... not first.

Ever had any nice Bukowski book related surprises?
i had the exact same surprise with my hardcover copies of captain is out to lunch and shakespeare never did this. i bought them because i thought the hardcovers were cool, not because i thought they'd be collectible. later, when i started getting interested in collecting bukowski, i learned what identified them as first editions, and that was a nice surprise.

now, i imagine that if i were 25 years older, i might be saying the same thing about love is a dog from hell or war all the time.

Here is a 35 year old Christmas gift book from Buk that stunned me as much as surprised and delighted me when I opened it during the holidays in 1973. It's shown as a scan of the dedication page from a numbered and signed limited edition of South of No North. To my everlasting joy many more first editions were to follow.

Sorry about it's diminutive size. You'll have to enlarge it useless you have microscopic vision.

SOUTH OF NO NORTH Charles Bukowski - Dedication Page.jpg

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