Finally Got My First "vintage" Bukowski piece! (1 Viewer)

I know for some collectors here it isn't even something they will consider that scarce at all, but having just started officially "collecting" Hank's work, as opposed to just being a die-hard reader, I'm feeling amped up! I just picked up a copy of 'Poems Written Before Jumping Out of An 8 Story Window'. It is not the original w/gas mask, but the reprint with the photos by Brad Darby.

I'm already becoming obsessed with checking for my next purchase. LOL. I can see this becoming a trend....

So, I suppose, my reasons for starting this thread were to find out what those collectors out there started with? What was your first memorable purchase? How about the "gem" of your collection?



I can't say I don't know the feeling. I think the first Bukowski collectible I bought was one of the 26 lettered hardbound editions of Michael Montfort's "Bukowski: Photographs 1977-1987". As for the "gem", that's a tough one because everyone would have an item they like best, regardless of the monetary value. For me it would probably be the signed copy of the 1944 Story Magazine with his first published story.

Signed as in SIGNED, by Bukowski, with his signature little-man-with-bottle doodle. Not dated though. Got it from a rare book dealer about 2 years back. Scott Harrison had a beautiful copy inscribed to John Martin, unfortunately he sold it a while ago, I made up my mind about that one too late.
WalkThroughFire: Here's a memory for you. I was in Powells Books in Portland in the 1970s and there was a long row of copies of Poems Written Before Jumping Out of An 8 Story Window, all new and mint, $2 each. I bought a copy (which I no longer have). This was the Litmus edition with pale blue cover and the photo of Bukowski with a beer bottle. Is this the edition you have?

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