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Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time

The story by John Fante is Helen, Thy Beauty is to Me which is in The Wine of Youth.

Chiefly short stories.
x, 309 p. ; 22 cm.
Romance lingers, adventure lives / John Collier --
Courtship through the ages / James Thurber --
The girl in the storm / James M. Cain --
Love, or, How to woo and win a woman / Jack Goodman and Alan Green --
There are smiles / Ring Lardner --
What goes on in ladies rest rooms / C.A. Hamilton --
Helen, thy beauty is to me / John Fante --
Better be an old woman's darling / Benjamin Franklin --
The love kick / William Saroyan --
Claustrophobia, or, What every young wife should know / E.B. White --
Muzio / Konrad Bercovici --
I learn something about sex / Corey Ford --
He was so good to her / Frank Sullivan --
Fashions in love / Clarence Day, Jr. --
Getting on in the world / Morley Callaghan --
Bundling, an old Yankee custom / George S. Chappell --
A mediaeval romance / Mark Twain --
Which is the vainer sex? / Fred C. Kelly --
The love letters of Smith / H.C. Bunner --
Polly Baker's lack of virtue is its own reward / Benjamin Franklin --
A letter from the Bronx / Arthur Kober --
My views on marriage / W.C. Fields --
Dusk before fireworks / Dorothy Parker --
Leg-pulling / Bernard Sobel --
Extracts from Adam's diary / Mark Twain --
Etiquette of courtship / Donald Ogden Stewart --
Strip tease / George Weller --
The girls of Tongatabu / John Langdon --
The triumph of the nut, or, Too many marriages / Christopher Ward.
selected by Ed Fitzgerald.
Thanks DiB, that is a great story.
Ten cents a minute, for Julio Sal, to dance with the girl with the golden hair.

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