Tempo, June 1987 [another German mag!] (1 Viewer)

Haw ! Haw! Even got a picture of him taking a leak.

And these are his hands. I can tell by the jacket:

Great pics! Thanks, cirerita!
Yes, it's the usual racetrack piece. About the track getting 16%, the kind of people you see there, His need for going to the track, the overfilled rest rooms etc. The usual stuff we've heard before...
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Nice. I remember reading this one - or parts of it - in english. I guess it's from "Horsemeat" or has something to do with it?

Describes simply B.'s "racetrack-career". Coming out of the county general in `55, doctors told me one more drink ... etc., said to woman, what shall I do, woman: bet on the horses ... etc. (there's a short story somewhere about this, I remember it too).

Today I'm about 10 000,- back, they take 16% from every dollar, once I won 23 races in a row and fucked a beautiful lady in a motel-room, the 30-minute-waiting-period between races is hell, the people, the faces, uggh ... etc, etc. Nothing new, but really nice pictures.

The translation somehow worries me, as usual, but it's hard to tell how to do it better, as usual.

Thanks cirerita.
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