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Hello! I'm a new member from the UK and, having recently discovered this great forum, have spent far to much time reading it at work.
I am going to Berlin for the first time next week (weather permitting) and was wondering whether any German memebers know of any interesting German-only Buk releases that might be available, or can recommend any good bookshops in Berlin?

Do I get it right, that you know the language well enough to read books in German?

When in Berlin, you may want to visit the Zweitausendeins-shops, which have a bunch of well priced books, CDs, movies.

The address is:
Kantstraße 41-42
(there's another one at Friedrichstr. 119, but I haven't been to that one)
Thanks for the replies! I did German at school and can read some, but not enough to read a whole book. I was was just wondering whether there were any interesting releases that might satisfy the collector in me!
Mind you, I fly tomorrow morning and we've got heavy snow now so, with the UK's usual way of falling apart with the slightest snowfall, I may not get there anyway.

[...] interesting releases that might satisfy the collector in me[...]
for that purpose there might work this one.
A chapbook with Bukowski's first story 'Aftermath', first (and only) German release of this story, limited and not available anymore in regular bookshops. The illustrations are in 5 colors.

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