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Short and sweet. sorry if I sniped this from a member here.

I wonder if that is the same as this:

That Liberating Moment
Intrepid - No. 18/19 - 1971

I suspect it is.
i just looked in my copy of Interpid 18/19 and it is the exact same poem and it is called that liberating movement in the magazine. The database has a typo.

The poem that was shown is obviously a carbon copy and he has having trouble with his typewriter. i used to have a poem carbon like that, but had to sell it. I believe that it dated to the late 60's, early 70's... The fact that it was published in 1971 fits with that time.

The database has a typo.
Had. ;)

Thanks for the info. I'm going to be asking for help from everyone with quite a few magazine lookups in a few days. I'm narrowing down the alternate title info, and some of them I can't check because I don't have any of the magazines.

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