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At three games in, a bit late to begin this but...

Last night's game ended in memorable fashion.
Phillies had the bases loaded in the 9th
with the score tied and none out, so the opposing manager
pulled an outfielder in to create a 5-man infield
in hopes of a double play and preventing the winning run.
It didn't work, but I admire the courage in calling that defense.

Phillies currently lead the best-of-7 game series 2 to 1.
But they have been fucking up with men on base quite a bit
and wasting too many scoring opportunities.

I like the Tampa Bay Rays myself.
Good pitching and base-running.
Their manager Joe Maddon is a cool mixture
of old-school and off-beat. At age 54, he proposed to
his fiancee in a liquor store parking lot. Their honeymoon
will be a backpack tour of Italy by train.
Something tells me he could manage TEAM BUKOWSKI !
I suppose that most fans of literature are not big sports fans. I'm an exception to that self-imposed generalization. As a Red Sox fan, I have some admiration for the Rays. They went from worst to first, and they also have a young squad that will be tough to handle for years to come.

But the Phillies are kicking their ass right about now. So be it. It takes four to take it.
Phillies win it, 10-2! Let's hope they conquer tomorrow and send those stinking fish back to Florida where they belong. I was never a fan of these expansion teams to begin with, only this season embracing the Diamondbacks.
Live not to far from Stadium last two years. NYY fan; more importantly, fan of baseball. What Rays have done is amazing. Interesting to see how fan base here went from non-existent to overflowing because of the playoffs. Trop Field is a big tuna can, almost an eye blot on the landscape. It will be curious to see if the fan base maintains next year, if the team goes back to its old ways. But it is young and filled with talent. And the manager is astute. Rooting for a better series, as this has become almost pedestrian.
This is the first year I have not watched baseball for the playoffs and the series, for several boring reasons. Players change teams so much there no longer exsists any home town loyalties. Two things have been happening,1. the players change teams and contracts every couple of years. 2. The fans migrate all over the country.
In the early eighties it use to drive me crazy to go to a California Angels game and see NY Yankees fans with hats and uniforms 4 to 1 over Angel fans. Yes the weather sucks in New York so they had to move. It's the American way now but it's not like it use to be.
I am sure the Devil Rays fan base will improve substantially there, in Tampa,after this very great season.
Not sure about the "RAYS" fan base next year. We'll see, if I'm still here. But I do know this: my grandfather played for the Philadelphia Athletics. Now in Oakland. My Uncle has the Connie Mack (sp?) contracts, baseballs, etc. all from the latter 1900 teens. I have some good old stuff from when he played for the Atlanta Crackers, with Babe in the other byline. Not that any of this shit matters....But fun from a family perspective. Nothing to do with Buk...
The L.A. Dodger fan base is the same way, HM. They come out to the stadium in dribs and drabs early in the season but if the Dodgers start getting anywhere near the playoffs in the late season, Chavez Ravine is suddenly packed to the rafters with baseball fans.

FL, being a native San Franciscan I've always been a Giants fan ... well, until Will Clark left the team. I tried again last year when I was living in S.F. again but the whole Barry Bonds issue just soured me on them. Too many franchises (such as the Dodgers with Manny this year) depend too much on a slim handful of star athletes to carry the team through the season.

Here's hoping the Phillis take it tonight and stuff the Marlins back into their tuna can.
being Canadian and being old enough to have been a baseball fan before the Blue Jays existed, I was an Expos fan. since 1976 they've broken my heart.

then of course, they left town, continuing the trend of breaking my heart. for some stupid reason, I followed them. so, I'm now a Nationals fan.

there is no hope in sight.

but, to a lesser degree, I'm also a Red Sox fan. being on the East Coast, we got a lot of Sox games broadcast here. I remember rushing home from school so I could watch Yaz's farewell game.
the weather in Philly is pretty shitty tonight. cold and wet. and Hamels just got hit in his pitching hand on an attempted bunt. but he seems ok.
MLB commissioners wait until the bottom of the 6th to suspend the game, the bottom of the sixth after the Marlins tie it up? I call bullshit. It was an official game after four and a half innings. It's over. Philly's win. (Well, in a perfect world, anyway)
God I love sports.
Heroes are made, and so are goats.

From a guy without a television,
thanks for the play by play, fellas.

- -
Father Luke

(please don't buy me a television)
MLB commissioners wait until the bottom of the 6th to suspend the game, the bottom of the sixth after the Marlins tie it up? I call bullshit. It was an official game after four and a half innings. It's over. Philly's win. (Well, in a perfect world, anyway)

What year is this? The Marlins?

A world series game must always be played to completion. At least in my mind.
MLB got lucky. it is an official game, but the Rays tied it up in the top of the 6th. the game was delayed between innings, therefore the Phillies didn't have a chance to bat in the bottom of the 6th. there was a new rule introduced last year: the game cannot be suspended between innings, the home team must get a chance at bat before the game is called.

could you imagine the flying shit if a world series was won due to a rain suspended game?

yes, that's right, much flying shit. not that MLB doesn't deserve flying shit hitting them.
Football is played in snow, rain, and blizzards. This is such massive BS. They should've called the game in the 5th when the Rays were down ... but, no, they wait until it ties up in the 6th and then Bud Selig and pals take a look at the weather radar and say enough is enough. Bullshit. If sports were politics, this one would go to the Supreme Court. Maddon screwed up putting Kazmir on the mound and now he gets a free pass when the game resumes ... how much you wanna bet Kazmir is on the bench when the game finally resumes? Now I hate the Marlins more than Keanu Reeves --- and that's saying something.'s the Rays, not the Marlins.
but Keanu Reeves does deserve your hate.
Anyone we'd know?

No. VERY short term in MLB. Mostly played for teams like Shamokin (sp?) and other teams in the NE. Was a star for the Atlanta Crackers (minor league), then got into dispute with Connie Mack (sp?) over money promised, etc., which was the norm, I'm told. Got lotsa great pics of him with different teams, grass growing up to their ankles in the field (of dreams, for real). Pics mostly from 1917-1920. Great newspaper page with him leading batting average in the minors, alongside the major league batting averages lead by a man named george herman ruth. Fun family stuff.
ah well, Selig gave a news conference after the game saying he would have used his authority and not let a rain shortened game decide the World Series, even though regular season rules apply to playoff games.

MLB would have avoided the flying shit from Tampa Bay, but not Philly.

I'm not a big fan of Selig's but I think he did the right thing here. They should take this opportunity to change the rules right now and declare that no WS games should ever be rain-shortened. Play 9. All the way.

Also: Would someone notify the authorities as to the whereabouts of Evan Longoria's swing ? It seems to be missing for some time now...
I think Longoria's just getting tired. minor leaguer's aren't used to playing this many games. perhaps that has something to do with it.
although the adrenaline of playing in the world series would take over.
and maybe being a rookie in the world series is wreaking havoc on his nerves.

so, looking over my post, I can absolutely say: I have no idea where his swing went.

but you're correct, it's gone somewhere.

and Selig made the right decision. this time.
Longoria's swing and Kazmir's throwing arm, under escort by Bud Selig's common sense, have eloped and were last seen somewhere on a beach in Mexico. Man, did anyone else notice how visibly rattled that kid was last night?
Longoria's swing and Kazmir's throwing arm, under escort by Bud Selig's common sense, have eloped and were last seen somewhere on a beach in Mexico. Man, did anyone else notice how visibly rattled that kid was last night?

Evan will be back. I have watched it all year. He has just missed nailing a few out of the yard in the past two games. Watch tonight.

As for Kazmir's arm, the strike zone needs to be the same for both teams. Don't ask me; listen to the analysts, too. Remarkable.

Yeah - the strike zone has been iffy
but Kazmir looked pretty shaky in Game 1 also.
Especially with men on base.

There was a look in his eye that
reminded me of another Nervous Nellie
named Russ Ortiz !
(just to draw FL back into the coversation :p)
Russ Ortiz.

In 2005 he had Five wins 11 loses.
In 2006 he had Zero wins 8 losses.
In 2007 he had Two wins 3 losses.

Another disappointment.

Love my Giants.
Love them.
Rocco Baldelli was an up-and-coming young star for the then Devil Rays a few years back when he blew out something or other (major) and ended up missing at least a season. He grew up in Rhode Island (I mention that because he grw up a Red Sox fan, and we consider him to be a native son here in NE) and he's still got some serious skills although he has lost some of his ability die to the injury.

Not a surprise to see him take that ball deep. He's always been a very good hitter.
9th inning, Rays down by one run.
Up against the wall.
And Longoria is due to lead off.

Now would be a good time to
make up for lost time.....

No dice. Fly out to shallow left.

This Brad Lidge is a hell of a closer.
Phillies are two outs away from a championship...

Phillies get it done.
But these umpires suck.
That 0-2 pitch should have been a 1-1.

But its in the history books now.
Congrats to the City of Brotherly Love.

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