The bone-chilling horror of CENSORSHIP in a supposedly free world! (1 Viewer)

Thanks you guys. And thanks for the photographer identifications, Roni.

I have three more paid orders to do on the deluxe copies with art. As of now, I'm ending the $20 a copy offer. I have a few more unsold copies, but I need to do some other work besides watercolors, like the art for the bibliography that Bill is publishing, and other literary tasks I've promised people, so I'm shutting down the sale of deluxe Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face copies for now. Anyone who sent me a PM reserving a copy and is on the list can still pay the $20 and get their copy, but they will need to wait a while. Like I said, other work calls. Thanks to everyone for being so patient.

David: I'm not sure if this will be posted or not. Censorship is at a high level here. Makes me think of the movie, "Bully." Disagree, and be censored. Open forums are closed to those with differing opines. Yeah, Father Luke ran out of gas. And without Bukowski, who would MJP be? Another blogger who writes mediocre poetry.

Since my ability to contact people via PM here has been voided (WHY? DON"T WANT ME TO SPEAK TO ANYONE????), I can't write my review of BUKscene One. But that has probably changed anyway, because of my relationship with the king. This is a small circle; and no one should be in charge; as it is about Bukowski. Not MJP. But he holds onto it like a dog on a leash. How sad. How pathetic. Make your own music, MJP. Have people love and hate it. And stop speaking for the world, your voice in very tiny; other than here. MJP, you are a joke. People don't - or shouldn't - have to agree with you. I tried to log on five times. Nice job Stalin. Oh, I disagreed with you. And pissed off a few locals. I thought this was a forum, where all opinions, write (right) or wrong can be heard. Fuck you. Drive us all away you bully. You will have 2000 - 3000 members forever, because that's what you can control. One forum, One brain. I called it correct. And you can kiss my ass.

But to David, thank you for the finest piece of BUK art I have ever owned. I got it today. WOW! -- From one artist to another. I see you didn't let the little mind here influence what you sent me: #11. My wife wants to frame it; I gotta figure out how to do that. I'm humbled. Thank you, sir.



And i'm sure I won't even be able to log on again, after this, in the GWB era of BUKnet.


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Homeless Mind: Yikes. That's some angry post. I won't get into the middle of it. Not sure what happened between you and mjp, and maybe it's best if I don't know. I'm glad you like the painting. It's okay with me if you want to remove the staples, frame the art, and rebind the book. No harm done, and it's meant to be seen and enjoyed. You asked for # 11 and got it. It's funny because I had already bound the art into a different copy, had it wrapped and ready to mail, and then I saw the note I'd made to give you #11, which I'd saved for you months ago, so I opened the package, disbound the copy, bound the art into copy #11 and got it all addressed again. This in the middle of some now forgotten domestic drama, some family squabble around me at the kitchen table.

I may be delusional or maybe it's the glass of wine speaking, but I bet you could patch things up with mjp. He's not totally evil I hear. But like I said, I'm staying out of it.


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Here's the latest watercolor. This one goes out to Homeless Mind:
I really love this painting.
My compliments, David.

I can't write my review of BUKscene One. But that has probably changed anyway, because of my relationship with the king.

Sure you can, Bill.
I sent you and a lot of other people pm's plus the e-mail address:
purpleglowpress at hotmail dot com

It is not my business (and I am not interested) when other people have a digital verbally fight.

Now please let us go back to David's story and the beautiful watercolors.

Peace, remember.

Thank you all.


Usually wrong.
A suggestion for anyone wanting to frame the painting in their copy of my Spit book: don't cut the watercolor sheet in half and throw away the blank half when you frame it. Better to just fold it so the blank side is behind the art and put it in the frame like that. Then, later, if you decide you want the book intact again (because copies are selling for a small fortune on eBay), it's a simple matter to rebind the painting back into the book. If you trim it for framing, you'll only have a half sheet which is a problem binding into the book. I lay awake nights thinking through problems like this. Always watching out for you...
My apologies David but
this prick used your work to say thank and fuck you in one post.
Instead of being grateful this weasel wringing his hands and hiding behind words like PAX and humbled looked to throw one more dart-those words like the art his wife will frame deserve (and his wife too I suspect) better.


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Hey man, relax ;) There is no special inscription below your pseudo, which probably means that you are not banned and can log on ;)


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He's not banned and never has been banned. Any log in problems he had are between his brain and the keyboard.

What he is is crazy. And a weasely little troll-man with nothing to say, which was apparent a long time ago. But as you can see by his post count (and the high post count of other irritants and useless idiots) he was given all the freedom and latitude he needed to either be in the flow, or hang himself.

His type can only pretend to be "normal" for so long, then they lose it - as you can see above - and their true colors come out. He exhibits all the classic signs of the troll, says the same things they all say, and makes the troll's grand predictions of intolerance and oppression that are no more than self-fulfilling prophesies.

Nothing new here.

The only difference with our trolls here in this forum is that many of them claim some artistic talent and success while displaying a complete lack of it. So, in that way, our trolls are kind of special.

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